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The Woods Through the Trees (Tag Pippa)

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The Woods Through the Trees (Tag Pippa) Empty The Woods Through the Trees (Tag Pippa)

Post by Vinyl on Thu 11 Jan 2018, 18:56

The Woods Through the Trees

Xaaj had been travelling for a few days through the black woods near the outskirts of the ravaged lands; it was a place easy to navigate as it kept the sunlight from his path during the day. Although he was less than energetic he was keeping good pace. It was now his third day on the move but he could not shake the image he had seen the day previous. While passing by an old tree he could have sworn he had seen a face near the base of the tree has he passed. It seemed provocative and alluring and even though his destination was not set he knew he could not stop to investigate and kept moving on.

After a few hours of walking the remnants of day slowly faded through the wooded landscape and the silver light of the moon was now glistening through the branches of the black woods. Feeling somewhat weary and dehydrated Xaaj stopped at the stream that flows throughout the entire length of this wooded area and quenched his thirst with a few handfuls of fresh water.

Quickly he lifted his head as though he sensed he was not alone, with bird like precision he surveyed his surroundings and with a swift leap he hid behind a wide tree that was covered with dark foliage as to not attract any unwanted attention. Pausing for a few moments to make sure the area was clear he stepped out from behind the cover of the large tree and noticed not too far away in the distance the shimmering glow of a bright cave.

Under the radiant moonlight, Xaaj approached the mouth of the cave. As he stepped closer he noticed small crystals embedded in the rocks which were reflecting the moonlight and realised that’s how he noticed it in the first place. He sceptically walked through the entrance to the cave and as he did so with each step, more crystals created a path for him to follow.

Just inside the cave Xaaj noticed a stairway that that turned from left to right around the crystallized rock that led deeper into its pits. With every step he descended the flicker of light from the central rock led his way. When he reached the bottom he found a large open space with arches leading to different sections of the cave and could potentially have many secrets to find.
Xaaj was fatigued from his travels and somewhat exhausted; he removed his leather hilt holding his sword and perched up beside a wall to the far north corner of the cave. The wall felt warm and safe and Xaaj felt relaxed. It must have been past midnight at this point as he drifted into a light but comfortable sleep, this was his time for regeneration and to gather his strength.

Though not fully asleep he could hear movement from outside the cave that echoed through the rocks from inside, remaining still he opened his left eye slightly to see if anyone had entered. As he did he could hear stumbling mismatched steps stutter down the staircase.
Without moving he readied himself for what was approaching..................

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The Woods Through the Trees (Tag Pippa) Empty Re: The Woods Through the Trees (Tag Pippa)

Post by Phoenix on Thu 11 Jan 2018, 21:20

Life had been nothing but darkness since she had returned to death manor. Why had she bothered? Her mother was gone, they had gone to saved her father but would do the same for her mother. Oh Hope said it because they couldn't confirm her mother was even alive let alone where they had her, but pippa knew in her soul her mother was alive.

Her comfort blanket stolen she spiraled, first getting blood drunk then moving onto hard spirits to get through. This evening was breaking point for her, she could hear the people downstairs but she didn't want to talk to them, didn't even want them to come find her.

She had come off her liquid diet a week ago now appearing for all to be human, Moving onto a human diet suppressed her vampire side enough that the whiskey and gin did what she wanted and blacked out the emotions clambering to the surface. She was stone cold lost in what she should be doing and what she really wanted to do.

Sneaking from her mothers bedroom, well her bedroom now, she had managed to get to the bar, grabbing the hard stuff and shoving it into her bag she slipped out the back door and into the darkness away from her cousins, her father, her only family.

Walking through the black forest she didn't aim for anywhere in particular , once far away from the manor she pulled out a bottle of whiskey and pulled the lid off tossing it into the trees.

Taking a slow sip she savored the burn before she drank a third of the bottle in one breath. Continuing on she let her dulled human senses lead her through the trees, slowly the sun set and hid from her.

Arriving at the caves with the litre bottle empty she leaned against the opening. Looking back she judged the distance, poorly but enough to know the family were too far away to hear her pain. Letting go she threw the empty bottle at the wall and screamed.

After a minute she stopped and took a breath straightening she pulled another bottle from her bag and turned to go further into the caves, Finding the stairs she slowly stepped down, opening the second bottle, vodka this time, she took a solid gulp.

She'd escaped here the last few nights, the house was its most active at night. Reaching the bottom she took another drink not paying close enough attention she stumbled and slipped down the last step. " Fuck sake..." she growled as she landed on her ass. Pulling herself back up she looked at her hand that held the bottle of vodka and smirked " Not a drop spilt .. thank fuck..."

Dusting herself off she never bothered checking her surroundings instead opting to take another gulp of her drink.


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