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an odd appearance

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an odd appearance Empty an odd appearance

Post by Vaughan Dimitru on Tue 06 Mar 2018, 07:42

Mayhem had become somewhat of a bore, perhaps because nothing exciting had happened as of late or perhaps because his patience was next to none. Having destroyed his brother months before Vaughan had been noticed enough by Oxen corp making it impossible to walk with ease through the streets of arcane. It had never stopped him before however the corporation soldiers were like a swarm of ants. The bastards always seemed to arrive in force and though he could wipe the floor with them, he wasn't immune from the firepower they brought with them.

The streets were busy with the little mites making it harder for Vaughan to walk along the streets without repercussion. The demon strode through the lobby of the grand casino, not hiding the fact of who he was nor caring much for the looks he received. The occupants who threw their money at machines in this place were always dirty in one respect or another and more often than not, they wouldn’t have been missed if something should happen. It wasn’t an A grade type of meal but a drunk mortal cracked out on drugs and minimal sleep was an easy catch, little fight and could see the predator with a mild buzz for a few hours. He had even taken time to book a room, oddly deciding that an overnight stay in a seedy casino was a decent holiday away from the skull laden mansion in Mayhem.

Talons raked over the soft material of one of the chairs as Vaughan simply strolled about the casino floor. He wasn’t in a rush, nor did he want to make too much noise for once, instead watching as patrons came and went, the way some sat idle in their seats as though they were hypnotised by the screens of the slot machines. The room stank of booze and body odour, pheromone scents hitting his senses like an assault.

Vaughan Dimitru
Vaughan Dimitru

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