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A Delivery Gone Awry

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A Delivery Gone Awry Empty A Delivery Gone Awry

Post by Enya M on Mon 26 Nov 2018, 21:50

The days at the mansion seemed to drag most days, but she found plenty to occupy her time. She still didn’t know if Hope and her had a solid relationship yet, but she hoped to change that. She hoped to show her and the others that she was capable with doing whatever needed doing. She could help, but alas, no order had been giving yet.

Ajax was MIA and her brother was off sneaking throughout the house doing, Hope. Enya hadn’t been too thrilled with that, but there wasn’t much she could do. Sex ruined everything, or so she had been told and read countless times, and Hope was; is, their new leader. Since that incident with the barn though, Enya had stayed away from her brother and his antics. She would never learn she supposed, he would also do what he wanted, or what someone ordered him too.

Left in her part of the wing of the house, she barely talked with the residence. She couldn’t help but feel as if the others hadn’t accepted them yet. There was a lot of secrecy and things going on, and still she wasn’t a part of it. Hope and her people seemed to be all doom and gloom, blood and gore, just oodles of bleh. They were alive (laugh) damn it! Oxen hasn’t been spotted, but they act like it’s the end of the world already.

Her dream of telling the coven these feelings and then of being included was rudely interrupted by a shrill buzzing beside her head.

“Enya Matashina,” she mumbled into the phone, still drowsy from sleep.

“You’re shipment has arrived!!, shrieked a voice on the other end, before disconnecting. Hearing that, she rose quickly. “It’s about damn time!” Her phone began to beep once more as the cosmic GPS tracker was initialized.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Punching the hobgoblin’s phone number back in, she tapped her foot impatiently as the directory picked up. “Please click 3 for greivan..”. Enya clicked 3.

An automatic voice recording picked up, “Due to soldiers trying to kill us, your packages have been sent to the closest location. As always, thank you for using HoB G’s Air Mail Services.” Beep.

Taking a deep breath of calm, she looked back at the GPS tracker. “Well, I suppose this is one of those moments where you should be careful what you wish for.” With a grin, she got dressed in a hurry was she didn’t want her goodies to be stolen and ol, “Du’nlop would be waiting for her. Not knowing if there would be danger, she dressed in an all black pant’s suit and black combat boots. Prying the ol’ base board apart, she grabbed her knives and what few arsenal she had and hid them carefully on her person. Her flaming red hair, would be hidden beneath a cap.

Heading down the main steps towards the front door, she looked around to see if there was anyone she could tell where she was going. Should she? She nibbled her bottom lip in thought before sighing. Scribbling the cooridinates on a sticky note, she tacked it onto the fridge, signed with a cursive “E.”

Without another backwards glance, she left the manor in pursuit of her stuff.

Upset with the delivery service, she stuck tk the tree tops being quiet and observant. Oxen soldiers could be anywhere. Her thoughts drifted to the night she smelt blood in the house. One of Hopes people had been badly injured, no doubt from Oxen. They were brutal to those not human, male female it didn't matter.

She checked the coordinates a few times in hee travels to make sure she was on course. Finally, in the branches above she saw the little demon named Dunlop. Dropping from the tree right in front of him, she popped him in the forehead, not breaking into a smile as he yelped and held his head. "What's doing that for. It hurts."

"That, is for dropping my supplies miles from home and bringing me out to the middle of know where. When you return home and you can tell Bethanna I am not pleased with her services. She has endangered one of her most loyal customers who not only brings her more customer's than she can imagine, but makes her a lot of cash. I'd she can't figure things around the Oxen I'll just switch to Hobs jobs, hell get me my supplies. On time and closer to home."

The demon looked as if he pailed at her words.

In his broken English, " No no. Please dont go. Beth has thrown in a special item. See. See. Looks. It will helps you carry items. It is an endless bag. Many many magics bestowed on it. We also steals it, but its yours now. We swear."
He looked at her with his big odd eyes, "treat now?! I do good?!*
Shaking her head she looked at the bag he Indicated and stuck her hand in it feeling around, but couldn't feel the bottom. She let him stew before finally sighing. "Yeah yeah" summoning a huge flame she motioned him away from his wooden carriage before tossing it to him. Happy, he cobbled it up as Enya opened the cargo foe an inspection of her goodies
Enya M
Enya M

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A Delivery Gone Awry Empty Re: A Delivery Gone Awry

Post by Cashan on Tue 27 Nov 2018, 16:25

H O P E . D E A T H - R E I G N
Vampire || Wraith

Death Manor had been eerily quiet despite the sudden surge in population. It made Hope uneasy. She knew of the impending threat that Ox Corp was readying and it had made her edgier then usually, jumpy even. She was still trying to figure out how to move a dozen or so immortals across borders without alerting Ox Corp and then there was the question of what to do with the house. There were valuable texts in the library, family heirlooms, memories. How was she supposed to move all them without alerting humans? These questions had been haunting her and since Ajax was the only one who knew the truth about the possible impeding Eradication, Hope had been isolating herself from the rest of the family so they wouldn't pick up on her nervous energy.

Walking into the kitchen, Hope had been spending most of her time looking for more appropriate accommodation and then trying to figure out how to get there. It was time consuming and utterly dull. She hated the monotony of it and there was a part of her that really didn't want to leave Death Manor. There was generations of history in these walls and despite the resentment she held toward her father, it was the only place that had felt like home that still stood. Her Death ego wanted her to stay and fight for what was theirs. But as she looked at the already decimated Matashina family and just how few Deaths were left, she knew that their only option was to retreat.

Opening the pantry, it was somewhat of a relief to see it full stocked as she pulled out her favorite blood type. She had Matthew to thank for keeping the family well fed and safe from Ox Corp but that wasn't the only relief he had been offering her. So far they had managed to keep their little rendez-vous's a secret and Hope preferred it that way. Ryu was now living under the same roof as her again and despite their rocky relationship since they broke up, she wasn't about to go rubbing her relationship with Matthew in his face especially when it was just a bit of fun in her eyes. Her heart had and still belonged to one man but she walls were now up and she hadn't met a man who could scale them yet.

Sinking her fangs into the plastic bag, she consumed the contents quickly. It wasn't the same as feeding from a vein and there was always a certain level of disappointment when it came from a bag but as much as she craved fresh, hot blood, the cons far outweighed the pros. Turning back toward the kitchen, she could still imagine her mother brewing tea or even cooking for friends who weren't on a diet of blood. She always wondered how her mother managed to be so deeply embedded with who was essentially Satan and still show the level of compassion she did. Hope always saw it as a weakness and the reason that her mother was targeted. Ironic how now Hope was in the position that she had to be considerate of others when she had spent her life trying to do the exact opposite of that.

Glancing away from the sink, a note on the fridge caught her eye. She raised her eyebrow and walked over to it, taking the note off the door. Her eyes scanned the coordinates and Hope's recent work on searching for a house and planning routes benefited her because she had a rough idea of where these coordinates were just by looking at them. " E? " she muttered to herself and then it clicked. Enya, Matty's sister who had almost killed herself along with Matthew and Hope was now out and about doing God knows what and putting herself at risk. Hope sighed, she could act as though she had never seen it. She could put it back on the fridge and go back upstairs and pretend like it wasn't her problem but as much as she didn't want it to be her problem, it was. She was responsible for everyone under this roof and it would have killed Matthew if anything had happened to her.

Dumping the now empty blood bag, Hope moved toward the back of the house, grabbing her helmet and leather jacket on the way. As much as she disliked having to chase after people it was a great excuse for her to go for a ride, something she hadn't done in what seemed like forever. Stepping into the garage, her bike was waiting for her and she smirked. Straddling the bike and starting the engine, she pushed the visor down concealing her identity from any possible soldiers she may pass. Enya wasn't far from the Manor but since the barn fire Ox Corp had more patrols in the woods searching for them and Hope couldn't risk luring them back to the house.

When she was certain that she was close, she hid her bike in some long grass and shrubbery. It wasn't completely hidden but it made it less conspicuous for any passing soliders. Hope pulled her phone and entered the coordinates to get a more accurate location. She moved silently in the direction that the map indicated until she began to hear voices. Crouching and staying slow, Hope moved forward not knowing who Enya was with or if they could be trusted. Knigh had taught to always approach a situation cautiously no matter who was there and it had served her well until now so she wasn't about to change her habits now. She listened from a distance and noticed that Enya wasn't talking to another person but a demon and Hope could feel her blood begin to boil. Didn't Enya know what demons had done to her family and that they couldn't be trusted. Hope's sister Destiny was the only exception to this rule but then she wasn't entirely demon in Hope's eyes.

Hope listened trying to gauge what the conversation was about. It seemed to have given her something which only made Hope feel worse. What if she brought it to their home and it unleashed something? Hope couldn't afford to be dealing with demons again. She had enough on her shoulders without dealing with those little bastards again. Sighing, she stood up and kept her eyes on the strange creature that was now eating something happily. ' Odd ' she thought as she addressed Matty's sister. " Enya.. " she said trying not to sound angry but there was a cold edge to her voice. " I found your note. What's going on?" she asked getting straight to the point. She hated small talk or " polite conversation " and she wasn't in the mood for beating around the bush when they could be ambushed by Ox Corp at any moment. She hoped for Enya's sake, she had a bloody good reason for being out here.


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A Delivery Gone Awry Empty Re: A Delivery Gone Awry

Post by Bladewolf on Sat 01 Dec 2018, 01:02

Crazul had been silently lurking through halls of the manor, making his way towards the kitchen for some memory free blood. As he drew closer, Hope could be seen darting out the door with her helmet in hand. 'No, just let her go.' The male thought to himself, but a random niggling thought dug at the back of his mind. 'Ah hell' he swore, and followed her out of the house. The bike was already leaving the grounds. “Well, I've been meaning to try this.” And after focusing for a moment, his arms and legs elongated, not quite doubling in length, along with his toes and fingers. Now, hunched over, he launched himself into the night, traveling like some sort of deformed horse. He was able to follow her by both listening for the sound of the engine and her scent, which is something he had been working on since arriving at the manor, scent tracking.

His movement through the trees, once they were thick enough with strong enough branches, could almost be described as slithering, or swimming perhaps. When Hope stopped and parked her bike, he almost lost her until he caught a slight glimmer of movement before her scent wafted to him on the slight breeze. Following after her still, he heard her begin talking to Enya, He slowly crept closer, staying in the branches, until one gave out beneath him. Crashing to the ground short distance away from the two women, he froze in reflexive panic after coming back to his feet, ready to flee, limbs still distorted.


Dalinar was sitting in his office, going over some operations reports when a beep sounded, notifying him of a caller.
“Go for Dalinar.” He said, pressing to answer.
“Sir, the contact has relayed that an order from the coven has been made. They are going to have that goblin boy deliver it.”
“Thank you, prepare the men, and the hunter.”
“Yes sir.” As the line went dead.


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A Delivery Gone Awry Empty Re: A Delivery Gone Awry

Post by Enya M on Sat 01 Dec 2018, 01:50

Shaking her head as the demon caught the fireball with Glee, she watched him find a nice bed of leaves as he consumed the flames.

She still wasn't happy with the delivery or the fact that it was late. With a glance around at her surroundings, she pressed her palm against the magical key pad that would read her signature. with an audible pop, the magig misspelled, the lock opened. Not wasting time, she threw open the doors half expecting a disaster of her goodies, but as always, everything was neat and orderly.

Not knowing what to look at first, she palmed a flat briefcase, her thumbs caressing the gold locks. Flipping them up, she then opened the lid revealing a Smith and Wesson, all nice and shiny with an extra clip. Closing that, she moved on and found a few more in other cases along with knifes and throwing starts. Having moved some things around, her eyes caught on something shiny. "Oh, hello there. Yes, please come to momma" She said very carefully picking up the RPG. "I don't know why you're in this shipment, but I so want to play with you.."

Still holding it close, she moved to the frozen coolers and peeked inside. Her mouth watered as the saw her order of truffles. Not able to help herself, she plucked one from the tray. Blowing a few puffs of hot air on it, she bit into it.

Tensing, she listened very carefully, someone was in the area. So much for the demon keeping an eye on things. He was probably sleeping Her fingers skimmed the object she was holding and a slow grin formed on her face.

She turned to face the intruder, the RPG on her shoulder aimed. Taken aback, she lowered the weopen and blinked.

"I'm here collecting some of my things that should have arrived when I first arrived at the manor" the last part she aimed at the little demon who was now cowering behind a tree.

Demon: he peeked out from behind the tree. "All good. No scratch. You sign get your things and me go...?

Enya ignored him as her attention was directed at Hope and she hadn't gone through everything. Until she did, she wouldn't sign, plus she had a complaint about the drop out and other things.

Thoughts tumbled through her mind as to why Hope woukd be out here. She had only put that note up for a just in case she didn't make it back type thing.

"Everything seems to be in order ..." She was telling Hope. She had seen her weapons, clothes, chocolates and the mini coolers with blood, she another noise alerted her to another's presence.

She didn't think just acted, she put herself between Hope and what ever it was that was moving around on the ground. She aimed at the creature with a confused frown. What the hell was this....

Enya M
Enya M

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A Delivery Gone Awry Empty Re: A Delivery Gone Awry

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