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Lucian Ryder

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Lucian Ryder

Post by Requiem on Thu 14 Nov 2013, 21:44

Name: Lucian Ryder
Nick name: Luca
Race: Demonic Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 6''4
Eye colour: Light blue
Hair colour: White/Blonde
Hair style: Anywhere between shoulder length or long, wavy and messy
Piercings: Left ear

Personality: Luca is a very strong minded and can sometimes be very opinionated. He can be very cruel and blood thirsty and is quick to temper. He is loyal to few, feared by most and would be quick to stab you in the back if he saw fit.
 Despite his more evident bad side, deep down Luca is the good man he once was, he can be, in his own way, caring and considerate.  He will never harm the young, never feed from them and has been known to kill fellow vampires for harming children. They are innocent, and should remain so for as long as they can.

 He is cold and callous most of the time, not to be trusted.

Strengths: Luca is highly skilled in hand to hand combat and with weapons. He has incredible strength and is a very quick learner, being able to adapt to any situation that may come his way.

Electrokinesis- luca can create electricity at will and can manipulate the voltage for any circumstance.

 He can create hundreds of marble sized steel balls which he can manipulate into any shape he should choose from a sword to a dragon.
 He can control them and they can penetrate through any material with deadly force.
 He can also create them and leave them in places he chooses, he is able to see through them and therefore use them as cameras should he need to.

Weaknesses: Silver, holy relics.


 Born a twin, Luca lived for many years as a human with a happy family, or so he thought. His parents, as it turned out were immortal hunters who were parents by day, assasins by night. He and his twin, Clarabella never knew of their double life until it all came crashing down on them.

 One night when the twins were tweleve years old, they were attacked in their own home. Their parent's did their best to protect them, concealing them inside a closet with a cloaking spell so the intruders would not find them. The twins did not know what the spell was or what was going on, but they did as they were told.

 As the intruders made their way through their home, the twins looked out through the slated doors of the closet, helplessly watching on as their parent's were slaughtered by demons and vampires before their eyes. Luca held a hand over Clarabella's mouth to stop her from screaming out. He knew it was too late for their parents, but he was not going to let Clara suffer the same fate.

 After the house was clear, the spell lifted and the twins tumbled out of the closet, Clara in tears as she tried to wake their mother and father to no avail. Luca watched on, heartbroken and shocked but he had to hold it together for his sister.

 They soon gathered up various of theirs and their parent's belonging before fleeing to wherever they could. They found out about their parents through books and diaries they had taken with them. They soon found themselves in a nightmare world that they previously thought was only true in horror stories and dark fairytails.

 As the years past, the twins grew more inseparable, they trusted only each other and they quickly grew strong and wise to the world, living on the streets and learning how to survive from the gutter. They soon followed in their parents footsteps, they become hunters, assassins of immortals.

 They continued down this path into their adult lives, and they were good at it. They travelled the world taking out thousands of immortals, they were skilled and top rate assassins and they were an indestructible team.

 That was until Luca's life changed forever. The twins were on a hunt, but it went badly wrong. The two got separated and in his fear for his sister, Lucian was knocked unconscious and kidnapped.  In his unconsciousness the vampires beat him to near death before Clara eventually caught up with them and slayed them all.

 She was helpless however, Luca was dying and nothing she could do was going to stop the inevitable. She then noticed something on his neck, the vampires weren't trying to kill him, they were turning him... he hated them with all of his being and so this was their way of punishing him, by making him one of them. As Luca came to, he was a vampire and he was overcome with the heightened senses that came with it. In his shock and fear he grabbed his sister and begged her to kill him, to kill the abomination that he had become. She complied with tears streaming down her face, but another vampire intervened, a vampire named Cassandra Blake.

 From them on, Cassandra helped Luca to tame his vampire ways, to control his thirst and to discover the exceptional life that came with the curse. He was soon in his element, discovering new abilities and adapting well to this life. He had learned to accept it, and Clara did to, eventually.

 Luca soon fell in love with Cassandra, and she did him. They remained together and he helped her raise her newborn babies after her previous relationship shattered. He loved her children as his own, as they began to grow, he was there helping them, training them, doing whatever he could for them. Their biological father came and went, and many times the two came to blows, but he would never shut him out, he was their father after all.

 As time went by, the family went through many ups and downs, many sad and happy times. Luca and Cassandra were to be married, but on their wedding day, Cassandra was murdered in her wedding dress and there was nothing anyone could do about it.
He was now an empty shell who did his best to look after the lives that remained.

 More and more darkness swept over the family, and Lucian was barely keeping himself sane. If it wasn't for the kids and Clara, he would have lost it a long time ago.  The Oxen corporation were brilliant at destroying lives, and his was next.

 The day he went to bury his fiancée, was the day he lost his own life. Ox Corp attacked once again. He managed to protect Marcus, but at the cost of his own life. He left the world, leaving the twins alone with just their disappearing father to guide them.

 Luca's pain continued to reign on after death, he was at the mercy of a fire demon named Xaphan who torutred him to no end. A day there felt like an eternity and he lived that over and over again. Being killed, being brought back to be killed and tortured again. Xaphan was trying to break his soul, and it began to work.

 To his horror, Marcus ended up there with him. The boy he saved was now dead here with him and it tore Luca's soul to pieces.  

 Further more pain enteres his life, Cassandra his nearly wife made her way to their afterlife, trying to bring back her son, and him along with Marcus. Luca was in disbelief, she was alive again? He could hardly believe it was true, but it was. He was overjoyed, she was alive again and in turn so would Marcus be and he himself would be to. He could walk the earth again, see his twin again. He could live again.

 But it was too good to be true, Xaphan only let Marcus go, he stopped Lucian from going at the last minute. The last thing he saw was the worried faces of those he loved before they disappeared and he was left back in this place, his hopes shattered. But at least Marcus and Cass could live, he would do his best to hold on to that happy thought.

 Luca didn't know how long it had been since that day, he was not the man he used to be. Xaphan had succeeded in breaking him, in turning him demonic, and he was a fearsome demon at that. He still was under Xaphan's rule, but Luca was on the verge of pure evil himself.

 Then he found himself somehow resurrected, he was back walking the earth and he knew not how, but he did not care. He was back in this place he once loved, with people he once loved, but now he was demonic. Now, he cared none for this place, cared little for those he once loved and soon gained his power here on earth, creating his own demonic vampire army. He was their king and he was good at it.


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