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Maylin Nekishu

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Maylin Nekishu Empty Maylin Nekishu

Post by Cashan on Sat 09 Apr 2016, 19:44

M A Y L I N . N E K I S H U 
Lycan || Empath

~~~General Information~~~

Name: Maylin Nekishu.
Nickname: May.
Age: 3 years old.
Sex: Female.
Breed: Timber wolf
Birthing Season: Spring.
Scent: Earthy like sandalwood with undertones of Magnolia.
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Fighting Class: Tenderfoot.
Preferred Group: Currently a loner like her father.


Parents: Benjimen Nekishu & Eclipse Steller.
Twin Brother: Cayden.
Twin Sister: Mikayla.
Sister: Ashlyn.
Adopted Brother: Blackstar.


Despite a turbulent start to life, Maylin is a happy go lucky girl. She has a natural curiosity that can sometimes get her into trouble and a thirst for adventure. She is fearless in the face of danger and although she is good by nature she knows how to defend herself and those she loves. 

Having been raised by her father she is quite the daddy's girl. She idolises him and like any little girl her father is her hero. But her mind often dwells on her missing siblings and mother.

She is an unrelenting optimist and chooses to see the best in others. She often trusts those she meets until given a reason not to. What she cannot stand are liars and traitors as she respects honesty and loyalty above all else. She tries to spread joy where ever she is often succeeding with her bubbly personality and infectious laugh.

May also has a mischievous playful side and isn't afraid to be cheeky. This is normally seen when she is bored and she has too much time on her hands. She is playful and social and loves to be around others. Often she can be a little impulsive and doesn't think before she acts, never thinking of the consequences.

Hunting and running is one of her favorite things to do as it gives her a great sense of freedom. Although good in nature, she isn't afraid to sink her teeth in a buck or another wolf who threatens her or her family whom she is protective of. Family and the pack means everything to the young wolf and she would go to any length to protect them. She may not be outwardly aggressive she should not be underestimated by any means.


Human Form

As a child Maylin had tight black curls but now those curls have fallen into gently waves that frame her face. Her hair falls down to about her waist but her emerald eyes remain her strongest feature amidst the speckling of freckles on her face.

Her height is average measuring at five feet nine inches. Her body is slim and muscular with a small waist and broad shoulders. She prefers clothes off her shoulders and will always choose jeans over skirts. She likes to keep things casual and she will often be seen with a slightly worn leather jacket on.

Maylin Nekishu Maylin_zps2b27d4ae
Referral Picture, not my own art.

~~~Wolf Form~~~

She has silky, iridescent fur that is long but thick. She weighs no less than 90 pounds with defined muscle that ripples through her legs and chest. To her shoulder, her height is at 30 inches. 42 sharp, jagged teeth linger in her maw. Her emerald eyes shine brilliantly against her dark fur, giving her a dramatic look. 

Her paws are large with white dots scattered down to her toes Thick padding protects her paws against sharp rocks and chilly snow. Her tail is long and fluffy with thick fur that hangs down about four inches, longer than the fur on her body. 

She is a quick wolf, getting her speed from her father and can run up to 60 miles per hour for long periods of time. Her long legs allow her to propel through any terrain.


*Empathy - can fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others without reading apparent symptoms, allowing them to understand introverts or discover one emotion is actually hiding another. They can attack someone in a personal and emotional way since they know exactly what emotion is flowing through themselves and can use this knowledge to play against them. Some users may learn to read emotional imprints left into environment or objects. 

*Psychometry - obtains historical memories or sensations concerning beings and objects they can observe by their senses. With objects they gain the knowledge including the makers, users, and even those who have on passing used the object, and what has been done with it. With living beings or parts of the body the user learns their general life-history, but doesn't gain anything of what they were thinking or feeling. 

*Lie Detection - The power to detect lies. Not to be confused with Telepathy or Truth Inducement.

*Empathic Healing - The power to heal others' emotional wounds and/or burdens. Combination of Empathy and Healing. Not to be confused with Wound Transferal, or Mental Healing. This power offers a comfortable touch and a healing means that is otherwise beyond the ones that heal physical injuries, since they lack the power to heal emotions. 

*Happiness Inducement - is able to induce a state of joyful, cheerful delight-fullness in a target and if hostile, user can make them into their best friend and at a high level.


*Empathy - Might get taken over and act on emotions. 
May experience headaches.
Defenceless against beings that have no emotions.
Can be easily possessed by Spirits or Ghosts.

*Psychometry - Must be able to observe the object by senses.
Is limited to touch.

*Lie Detection - Useless against Apathy.
Will not work against brain washed targets.
Will not sense the reason behind the lie.

*Empathic Healing - When taking someone's pain, the user takes the pain onto themselves.
Heals emotional wounds, but not the actual physical injuries.

*Happiness Inducement - Useless against Apathy.
Useless against beings with no emotions.


Maylin was conceived of two alphas of the Kostas Pack and she was brought into the world surrounded by a secure pack. But a few short weeks after her first venture out, she and her two siblings were taken by her mother and a stranger wolf she would soon come to know as Wolf Mortum, to a place far away from her father. 

The journey was long and the life was far from the pack life she had been used to, she did not like Wolf Mortum one bit and she missed her father terribly. Her mother had changed, she had become hard and did not let the three of them out to play as much as they liked, instead they had to endure training with that male, Wolf.

The five of them lived in the Barren lands for weeks. The times were hard until one day a line of figures broke through the haze of the land. It was her father and a band of wolves from her home land. They had made the journey to save them! But the happiness quickly found a route to fright when her mother and Wolf turned and grabbed her siblings, running and leaving her in the open. Something was wrong.

She dropped to her belly, ears flat as a whine escaped her maw. She was scared; but her dad scooped her up in his jaws and the familiar smell of wood and embers caressed her fright. Her father turned, reluctance in his aura as the two of them watched Wolf and her mother running, running... Gone.

She and her father returned home to the Kostas Lands where he stepped down as Alpha and focussed on raising her. Her time with her father was precious and filled with love but her heart longed to find her siblings, Cayden and Mikayla, who had been left behind. 

After much debate and arguing with her father, he finally relented and gave her his blessing to go in search of them. She left the Kostos pack and her father soon after and headed to the last place she remembered seeing her family. The Barren lands.

She travelled to the land safely and searched for a significant period of time. But all she found was a wasteland void of any real life but more importantly no sign of her twin brother or sister. 

A few months passed and she missed her father and the company of other wolves. She had grown lonely and wondering around aimlessly across that wasteland had made her home sick. So she left the Barren lands to find her father Blaze, home in Kumari. Arriving home she was stunned to find her brother Cayden had found them. For her, it was a joyous reunion although her brother seemed angry at the world. 

This reunion was short lived however as seeing her brother only made her long to see her sister and mother more. Once again she went in search of her family and once again she had failed only to find that her mother had now returned to her home land also. Her hunt for Mikayla has been ended at her mother's insistence and now she has to not only strengthen her relationship  with her brother but also get to know the mother she never had a chance to know.


Maylin made her way to Arcane after a corporation moved into her home and then her family suddenly disappeared. She made the long journey from Kostos to this strange land hoping to once again reunite her family.


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