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Crazul Longfang

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Crazul Longfang Empty Crazul Longfang

Post by Bladewolf on Tue 19 Apr 2016, 21:25

Name - Crazul Longfang

-- He was created from lust, hatred, and evil centuries ago, when man first came to realize there was more in the night then he knew. His mother was one of the first true vampires, a queen of the night in her land of valleys, mountains, and snow deep in what would become Russia. His father, a great beast of a man by ancient standards, was a human she had taken as a concubine . He provided her with shelter, protection during the day, and a steady supply of blood. There was just one problem, this man, belonged to a greater power then his mother knew, a power that has since seemed to have vanished from the world.
The great power found that his mother, Larazrona, had taken the man that belonged to it. It bid its time, waiting for the time to grow ripe before it struck. After serving as her concubine, the human male begot her with child, Crazul Longfang. He grew in his mothers womb at an astonishing rate, and during his growth, the magic of the great power affected him, changing him, and twisting him in subtle ways. When it came time for him to enter this world, his mother was stricken down with a high fever. He entered this world mere moments before his mother succumbed to her fever. When she laid eyes upon him, she saw a hideous creature, and she felt an aura of pure evil radiating from his small form. Her heart broke in that instant, and she perished, believing that her child was a true monster, not a vampire like her.
However, once his mother had passed, the great power lifted the glamour it had placed upon him, revealing him to be a beautiful baby boy, though self sufficient from the womb. The great power however, laid a curse upon him, but, some might see it as a blessing, for he was connected to the memories of all the creatures that had come before him in his lineage, stretching back to near the dawn of time, as well as experiencing the pain of the creatures he would need to kill in order to sustain himself.
He lived alone in isolation for thousands of years, in the deepest mountains and forests the east had to offer, ranging from northern russia to india and further, he avoided humanity as it developed and evolved into what it is today. He has, however, learned how to talk and communicate effectively through the blood memories of his mother, and the few humans he has been forced to feed upon when his hunger took him.

He is, on average, around 6 feet tall, and weighs roughly 165 pounds. His hair is purest white, and his eyes appearing empty whiteness for the most part. He has few markings upon his body, but the most prominent one would be the heavy scarring on his neck where the red hot shackles of imprisonment had been clapped on when he had been captured for experiments, in the early ages of russian science. Despite the apparance of his eyes, he is fully capable of seeing. Razor sharp claws, and a strength beyond that of any human when he drinks enough blood.

Minor shape shifting, more altercation really, he can physically make himself bulkier and more muscular, with the muscles being a part of himself.
Bone manipulation is another of his abilities, he can make them grow or shrink at will, even removing them from his body for various purposes.
And the most wonderful part of any being blessed with magic blood, he has a mind that is willing to learn, and no one knows what he can truly do, because he has never been aware that there was more he could learn to do.
An added bonus of his ancient blood, is, his flesh, blood, and bone, can be used as a transplant for anyone living in the modern world, as he is such a blank slate by comparison.


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