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Kara Rae Kurokami

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Kara Rae Kurokami Empty Kara Rae Kurokami

Post by Kara on Wed 16 Nov 2016, 05:10



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Kara Rae Kurokami Pbucket

Kara Rae Kurokami Pbucket

Kara Rae Kurokami Pbucket


The snow storm raged outside the den blundering everything in its path. The wind angerly howled through the tunnels and rooms of the pack den while everyone sat around the common room. Jaws were set tight as worried glances were cast among the family, they were all worried. It had been well into day two and everyone knew Kiva was exhausted. She had been having issues since her first trimester and everyone worried that they would lose not one but two. It was deathly quiet among the den as they listened, waiting to hear that cry but hour after hour they heard nothing.

The pain was intense, sweat drops gathered on a pale forehead, black hair sticking to skin. She was exhausted and had lost track of how long she had been in labor and her energy was fading fast. A squeeze of a hand brought her back to the present, dulled eyes looking up at those of her mate. "Almost there, Mina." Damien said softly, using the nickname she had become so fond of. The time had come, all her effort was to be worth it shortly. The pain before was enough to make Kiva want to give up but with one last final push it was all over. The moments that followed were filled with relief and joy but her consciousness was fading to black. "Shes not breathing."

Eyes shot open from their dreamy daze, a panicked look flashing across her face. Instinctively, Kiva reached out for her child. "She...Please, give her to me..." She requested, her voice so weak and tired that it was almost inaudible. With teary eyes her mate handed the small, silent bundle to Kiva. She craddled the bundle, moving the cloth that hid the face of her child. Looking down into the bundle she laid eyes on her beautiful daughter. Her hair was a black as night and skin like smooth porcelain. Softly she cradled her daughter, patting her back softly while rocking her and holding her tight against her breast. "You have to live, there's so much world for you to experience my little one.." The words came soft as a whisper but the weakness in her voice was showing through.

They sat like that for what seemed like hours but only moments later a soft cough escaped the mouth of the baby followed by the wail of a newborn. Tears of relief flowed from the eyes of the few in the room,. The tension left the room and everyone felt a sense of relief. "Kara, Kara Rae." Kiva said, handing Kara to Damien before she lost consciousness.

In the weeks that followed Kiva regained her strength but her daughter seemed to barely hold on. She suffered from a severe cough and her fever was constant. It was if her illness matched the weather, her fever spiking dangerously high when the snow tore through the territory. Winter was rough that year as the temperatures dropped abnormally low and the snow fell almost constantly, all the wolves we're stressed as one of their own offspring battled for her life well into early spring. As the snow stopped, so did the coughing and fever. The small baby began to grow and get stronger as the temperatures rose.

By the time summer came, Kara was growing strong and reaching all her mile stones that a young wolf should. She was a quiet and timid child, while a toddler she often cried when her parents weren't by her side. As Kara grew up, she was planned to mate with the oldest son of the alpha of their pack. They were placed together from a young age as to establish a bond between the two. Kara was a solitary child, having no siblings and being smaller then her age mates made her timid to make friends so Kiba became her only friend. He was her betrothed, her teacher, her friend, her protector and little did she know he would be her savior.

Everything was as planned, Kiba and Kara were inseparable and their bond only grew as time went by. As children they were explained of the betrothal, raised knowing that one day they would be mated. While Kiba was a few years older he was still every so patient and careful as he helped her learn and grow. He taught her to hunt, how even though her small frame would likely hinder her strength she could be just as deadly with speed. He taught her to push her body further then ever, strike quickly and kill effortlessly.

Kara became reliant on her constant companion, trusting his teachings and following his every lead. By the time Kara was 13, her relationship with Kiba had blossomed, the pack had high hoped for the, as a pair as they would be next in line for the alpha position. They trained hard, Kiba became a skilled warrior but he made Kara keep up also.

In the summer of Kara's 16th year, she sat eagerly awaiting for the males arrival home. They had been gone for the last few days on a scouting trip and tensions were high. As they came into view, the remaining wolves at the den ran eagerly to greet them. As they neared, shouts of urgency were heard. As Kara spotted Kiba, she ran to greet him but he got to her first, his eyes filled with rage and fear. He quickly grabbed her and pulled her away. "Run, head west. Get away from here." He urged, leading her west and away from their home. Annoyed at his lack of reasoning, Kara yanked her arm back, lips set in a thin line while she scrolled at him. "No Kiba, tell me what happened?" She questioned.

Kiba gave her a hard look, one reserved for an alpha. "Hybrids Kara, they outnumbered us 3 to 1...my father, your father were killed and their coming for the rest of us." Eyes wide with shock stared at him in utter disbelief, tears began streaming from her eyes. She was stunned as his words rang in her ears. "Then I must stay...we have to stay with the pack and protect them." she pleaded softly. Silently, Kiba shook his head. "No Kara, we must run, we cant fight this and it will be harder for them to track us if we break off. They will follow the scents of the males or of a larger group, you can escape without being detected. Head west, run until you cant run anymore and then hide...I will come find you." he commanded softly, her brain registering the alphas command. She couldn't deny his order as she moved slowly in the direction she was being pulled. Kara trusted Kiba's word, he would find her and her family would survive. Before she could walk away from him, Kiba grabbed her in a fierce hug, pressing his lips firmly for the first and last time.

So ran she did, switching forms and taking off in a break neck pace. Soft pads carried the small black and white wolf for what felt like an eternity. Howls could be heard off in the distance, causing tears ti stream down her furred face. As the sun set, Kara slowed her pace to take a look at her surroundings. The forestry was dense and unfamiliar to Kara. Now at a slow and cautious walk she wandered the forest, looking through the thicket to find some kind of shelter. Her mind raced, going over what Kiba had said to her hours earlier. "He said he would find me, he promised." She thought to herself. After searching for some time, Kara found a tree that was hollowed out at the base. It looked as of this had been a den in the past but had been in disuse for some time. A crack in the brush caused Kara to startle, diving into the small den and crushing her body to the back wall in fear.

The sound never came again but Kara was too fearful to sleep, nerves wracked her as she waited for Kiba. Day after day, night after night she waited but Kiba never came. She felt lost, abandoned and alone. Her imagination thought out horrific scenarios that would scar her. Time was lost to her and her body was slowly growing weak from malnutrition and dehydration, if she were to live then she would have to leave her spot but fear and the hope for Kiba to come to her rescue held her firmly in place. Night fell and she listened to the sounds of the forest around her, crickets chirping and animals foraging in the night. This night however brought a different sound to her ears, one of slow and heavy footsteps dragging and shuffling against the earth. Ears perked as she inhaled deeply, hoping to catch the scent of Kiba, or any of her pack but that wasn't the case. The smell that lingered was similar to that of a carcass that had been laying in the sun for a couple days, pungent and rotting but the sound of slow and labored breath made her think it was something living.

Her body coiled tighter within her confines and a bushy tail lay over her muzzle while scared eyes peeped through the fur. The steps came closer and closer and her heartbeat picked up, tears brimmed on her eyes that were closed tightly while her body trembled. Slowly the steps became louder before coming to a stop near where she lay hidden, holding her breath she hoped they would pass. "Come out." The words came out in a rasp, sharp and to the point but Kara still remained still. A raspy chuckle rang through Kara's ears, coming from right outside her spot, while tears rolled freely now from her eyes all the while  her only thought was how this stranger was going to kill her like the rest of her pack. In the entrance of her den an elderly woman knelt down, peering into the darkness as if she could see right into it. She smile as she locked eyes with Kara through the blackness, a terrible laugh coming from her mouth. "Come here child, there's no use hiding from me. I can see you." she said, finishing her sentence in a sing song tone.

The blackness around Kara began to more and writhe like snakes in a barrel, startling Kara and forcing her to exit the tree. She was small, shaking and dirty from lying on the earth and her movements came at a stiff slow pace. She remained in her human form as knees supported her kneeling frame, eyes full of fear looking up through matted bangs at the woman who stood before her. She was an ugly old being, her eyes dark and sunken in and her skin pale as snow and almost falling off of her body. Her fingers were stiff and crooked with old age, and her nails were long and pointed. She was a scary sight to look at and her black eyes seemed to be peering into Kara's soul.

Kara stood before the woman, her hunched form making her stand around the same height of Kara. She seemed to appraise the girl before her for a moment before disappointed look became etched in the woman's face. "You arent what I would have hoped to pass this on to, but with my protege dead and my time coming to an end I seem to be limited on choices." The hag said, stepping around Kara as if she was examining her. A deep cough rose from deep within her chest, followed by a handful of blood and lips stained with the red liquid. The old woman's red eye were getting cloudier by the second and her skin was becoming grey, it seemed that her body was dying rapidly. "I dont have much time, hold still runt." she said, giving no warning before lashing her hand out and curling her cold fingers around Kara's forehead. Her long pointed nails dug into her fair skin, small trickles of blood flowing from each nail puncture and making streams down her face. The amount of blood coming from her head should have been alarming but she was too dazed and confused as red rushed over her eyes and face. Kara wanted to fight back, to run, but she was trapped and her body was now completely paralyzed. The pain that burst through her head was intense and nearly caused her to pass out, black spots creeping into her already cloudy vision. This went on for what seemed like an eternity but was in reality only a few moments and the ordeal was over as quickly as it started. The forest around Kara was deathly silent and the air felt thick and difficult to breath while she gasped for breath and fell forward with lack of support from the old woman's hand on her head.

With a sign and a ragged breath, the old woman's form slumped to the ground in a heap. A gurgling sound rose from her throat and all Kara could do was stand there frozen in place as the light faded from her eyes the woman's eyes. Finally, as if she snapped out of a trance, Kara spoke. "What did you do...WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!" she screamed, scared and angry, shaking hands reaching up to wipe the blood out of her eyes. The woman looked up at Kara, looking more like a decomposed corpse as minutes went by. "I had no other choice Runt, I had to pass on my gift, my friend...and as you can see, there is no one else ...around...pay attention to what she says. Learn to...adjust and live.." she finished, her eyes closing for good as the last breath rolled from chapped lips. Kara's body fell back into a sitting position as the events that just happened played in her mind. Eyes slowly looked back to the den she had been hiding in all the wile the woman's last words rang in her head. She knew she couldn't 'Live' in the hollowed out tree forever, that she must venture out at some point and something in the back of her mind pushed her forward.

The morning sun was beginning to break through the tree tops as Kara finally rose to her feet and regained her sense of composure, looking this way and that while wondering where she would go. Her home was most likely taken over, she had no one left and the events that just unfolded left her bewildered. Just off in the distance, the sound of water flowing made her feel gross and gave her the need to clean the past off of her. It wasn't a long hike through the woods though she took extra care to be quiet in case anyone was still lingering around. As she broke through the treeline, the morning sun seemed as if it was shining right in her face, causing her to squint and shield her eyes from the onslaught of pain. This was strange as the sun had never seemed to bright to her before although she dismissed it for hiding out in a hollowed out tree for days and being unused to the sun. The waters edge brought her the reprieve of cool water to drink and a place to wash off and rest her weary head for a moment. Reaching down to cup water into her hand, Kara caught the reflection staring back at her and jumped back in shock.

Kara sat there for minutes upon minutes, examining herself as if in disbelief. Her normal dark black hair had turned bright scarlet red, its texture wild and wavy and significantly longer then she remembered as it reached past her hips. Her eyes had also changed in appearance  turning from brown to crimson red, almost looking as if they were glowing as they started back at her in the reflection. Fair skin was even lighter then before, looking as smooth as porcelain and her forehead now adorned a red crescent moon in the center. It took a moment before she thought far enough to shift forms, wandering if her wolf skin was altered also. The shock was less of a hit when eyes peered back at her wolven form, her pelt went from a typical brown, black and white to a brilliant red, silver and white coloring with the same matching red gaze. It wasn't hard to understand that whatever the old woman had done to her caused this change but she wasn't sure why or what to do next, where did she go from here? After some time the wolf girl moved from the river, finally clean and feeling somewhat better. Kara noticed that as she walked, her shadow seemed to move and morph, sometimes small tendrils skittering away from her shadow and returning shortly after. Kara knew she should be frightened at this new phenomenon but she wasn't, something inside her told her it was okay, that this was going to be normal and Kara would need to get use to it.

Kara lived as a lone for years, wandering the forest and learning to be self sustaining and completely independent. She gained a sense of freedom and had more time on her hands then she knew what to do with. This left her with ample time to learn about herself and her powers and slowly she gained hold of the darkness that seemed to be apart of her. The feelings and pushes she would feel in her consciousness began to take voice, the feminine soothing sound often taking her through situations and schooling her on the art of darkness manipulation. Sometimes she thought herself crazy, other times she remembered the old woman's words and wondered if she wasn't entirely alone. Soon, Kara began to speak back, ask questions and hold conversations with this person in her head, their physique slowly making a mental form within her mind. It was like living with two people in one body though she remained in control of her main movement and functions. Kara became a skilled hunter and learned to take on beasts much larger and stronger then herself, armed with an array of hidden talents she slowly matured into early adult hood.

While her physical body and powers grew and enhanced, her mind reclused. She was always alone with the voice in her head as the only company Kara kept. The life she had with her pack hung like a heavy reminder of what family could bring to the table and as she reached adulthood those needs began to grow. Deciding it was time to leave the safe confines of her forest, Kara finally appeared in the world with the rest of the supernatural population. There were all new places and people to meet and explore, boundless options were ahead of her but lacking social skills she often had hard times fitting in with others. People seemed to shy away from the odd looking girl who seemed more awkward then not but as usual she learned and applied those things to her people skills. Within a year, Kara became familiar with a few other like her and she enjoyed their company. It seemed they felt the same as they invited them into their small pack; the Okami. Life in the pack what everything she remembered and hoped for, she had friends who cared for her and helped her along with the sense of saftey that the group offered. It was as if they formed a small clique making up of a male Named Nyoka, a female called Eclipse, another male that went by the nickname Blaze and herself. Sure there were others, but those three were her world.

Eclipse took her in and Kara loved and looked up to her like a sister, the beautiful raven black wolf who held herself so strongly but still had the tenderness to care for others. She watched the love that blossomed between her and Nyoka all the while her eyes shifted towards Blaze. They had an almost instant connection, he was funny, charming, handsome and protective. She trusted him with everything and eventually her heart. Their relationship was full of love and bliss in the beginning and she was convinced that this was her happy ending. As the pack settled and they all moved into their respective ranks, she became Delta female along side Blaze who took the male counterpart role. They were young and with the obvious bond between the two, Kara and Blaze conceived. They planned a wedding through her pregnancy and excitement rang through the pack as pups were being birthed and mates were matched, Kara didnt think that anything would take away her happiness but she was wrong.

Blaze and Kara began to disagree and fight broke out amongst them, she was jealous and young and he was intertwined with both pack duty and his personal life. Ashlyn was born and Kara's life quickly spiraled out of control. She was beginning to loose control of her powers and things were still rocky between her and her mate. In the middle of a stormy night, Kara lay in bed with eyes wide open while she struggled mentally and physically. Blaze lay sleeping beside her and Ashlyn was peacefully asleep between them. Kara knew she was becoming dangerous, they couldnt resolve the fights between them and she could no longer hold back. It was as if someone was pulling her apart from the inside and with little thought to her actions, she fled knowing the pack could provide her family with the life, support and saftey that she could not.

Kara broke, she found herself wandering outside the pack lands in obvious disarray. Her body wasted away and her mental state diminished to where she soon even stopped talking to Nott, the voice in her head. The onslaught of emotions caused her to shift into her third form on and off, leaving her a spectator as she rampaged with out of control power. After months, naked and exhausted she burrowed into the hollow of the tree like she had as a scared child, though this time she hoped someone would come finish her existence and relieve her of the torture she lived in. Death never came, however Blaze did. He had found her and pulled her from her spot, speaking softly and gently while carrying her back home, back to the place she was afraid to be. When she returned, the pack dynamic had changed and Nyoka and Eclipse now led the pack with Blaze as their beta.

It took time, but slowly the pack brought her back to what she should have been, making her realize that she could fight her inner demons if she tried. Blaze was attentive to her, he had forgiven her and they resumed their life as a family. This went on for a couple years and Blaze moved up to take Nyoka's spot as Alpha alongside Eclipse. She was proud of her mate, he was in a spot that he was made for but there was little room for personal life when dealing with the needs of a whole pack. Kara was often alone in her dealings, having taken on the role of Beta female she tried to stay busy. Being second in rank, she assisted the alphas in dealings with the pack and soon began to see a change in her friend, making her disagree with some of the things she said or did. Kara believed Eclipse to be power hungry as the role of Alpha consumed her and soon they began to fight among themselves. Blaze was often out dealing with pack things and wasn't witness to the arguments and while she had other friends in the pack Eclipse was once her closest. The other female seemed to have a small personal following too and Kara quickly found herself in a situation where she was alone with the small group and they ganged up on her. Kara had enough of the fighting, rank pulling and bullying with no one to turn to. Blaze seemed to dismiss it as friendly disagreements but it was much worse. One day while Blaze was away. Eclipse banished Kara from the pack and the lands, casting her out with no goodbye to her family.

Again, it seemed Kara found herself alone, although Blaze had come to find her he refused to leave with her as he had duties to the pack. With one last night together, she kissed him goodbye and left her mate for what she thought was for good. The next couple years went by in a blur as she came and went, though keeping as close as she could to the pack lands to keep an eye on her child. After time, Eclipse was found to be the power hungry leader Kara had called her out to be, being stripped of her rank and fleeing the pack lands. Once she caught wind, a tentative Kara wandered back to the pack lands in hopes that without their leader she could return. What she returned to however was to find out that after she had been banished, Blaze and Eclipse had mated and now had three children. She was angry, jealous and above all, hurt. Had Eclipse cast her out for her mate, had Blaze known about it? She wanted answers and it wasn't long before she tracked him down at the falls, cornering him with her temper as she threw question after question at him looking for answers that she wasn't sure she wanted.

Blaze seemed to hold his own resentment towards her and she found that Eclipse had run off with another male with their children. She felt it deserving as she felt betrayed by the only people she loved and her temper didn't care for the internal pain her former mate held. Their fight exploded and Blaze eventually left, returning to his pack with little in ways of explanation to Kara. Kara spend another span of time alone before coming to rest in the Kumari lands that lay to a peninsula south of Okami. The lands were divided by two large territories, the Kosta's and the Nayati. By fate, Kara made her way into the Nayati lands, unbeknownst to the last of boarder marks. She was found by their remaining members and brought to the pack to rest. The pack was small but wild, but they had no alpha any longer to lead them.  It wasn't long before she was integrated into the Nayati and took their rank of Alpha female with little opposition from the rest who seemed to welcome her into the leadership position. She had come to find out that her former mate Blaze was leading the pack adjoining her territory, leading into a time of general peace between the two as their relationship began to form again, though very slowly.

Her life had resumed its normal content pace and she worked on gaining back the admiration of Blaze, chasing away any female who may even look at him the wrong way. He had yet to confess any feelings for her, but she was bound and determined to work her way back into his favor. Peace in the pack lands were cut short as hunters and uniformed men worked their way into both pack lands, killing or capturing any wolf they came across. Her pack became scattered and everyone lost touch, though she never quit looking for them amidst the tension. Little was seen of the other pack as well as their home was taken over by the humans as well, it seemed that the wolves were being wiped out at a rapid pace. As everyone spread, they became more aware of the Oxen Corporation and its agenda to rid the world of her kind. Her search for pack members brought her to the heart of a human only city, though the scant traces of wolf scent could be found here and there.

Luck would have it that she would come in contact with old family and they would work to keep one another alive. Their small rouge group consisted of Alleria, Blade, Blaze and herself at first but slowly they began to come across others who managed to escape. They knew they faced a real problem and with some of them already enduring the tortures of the Oxen Corp, they knew they needed to save the rest. With a permanent hideaway, they could all regroup, heal and plan their next move. Along with finding the others, Blaze began to show her affection, though she remained distanced as she wasn't sure it it stemmed from relief of finding each other alive, or if he still harbored feelings for her. This went on for a short time and Kara began to fall back into the comfort of being at his side, feeling as if they were beginning their relationship anew. She was excited for this opportunity, now set in her powers and matured mentally,  Kara only wanted to save her family and be with the one shes always loved above all else. They were working on a plan when Kara foolishly ventured out on her own to find Alleria, Tate and Blade. Blaze had been injured and lay healing at their base so leaving a note of her whereabouts, she left to bring the others back.

Coming upon a tip, she followed it to a source that she didn't know but held high hoped for the information he promised to provide. As night fell, she met him at an old park not far off city limits. The tables quickly turned however, as he shifted from man to lycan and soldiers surrounded her with floodlights that drove any chance of the smallest shadow away from her. She fought with everything she had, refusing to be taken captive but her fight eventually ended and she was taken into Oxen Corp custody. (Will update as plots move on)

~Personality & Appearance~


    Kara's personality has changed much over her short life, given the trials and tribulations that shes endured since her birth. These days she has a hard exterior that can be difficult to look past as she can come off as cocky, arrogant or aloof which tends to put others off. Often quiet in a situation, she'll stand back and observe the surroundings until its the right moment to make her motion or speak her mind so she also seems uncaring to most. Kara is quick to be sharp at the tongue when angered and does not handle well being cornered. However, once past her rough exterior shes a good wolf and has the best intentions for her pack and family in mind. Shes loyal beyond all else, and while shes known for speaking her mind, its done out of honesty and pure concern/interest in whats going on. She loves fiercely those who win her heart and will defend those with her life without second thought. She is suited for being both a lone, well adjusted in her solitude, and in a pack as she loves being surrounded by family. In her short years, shes lives both worlds and conquered a lot, giving her a great sense of pride.




  • Small, Petite, skinny, Short


  • Deep scarlet color, thick, waist length with natural waves


  • Crimson


  • 5'2


  • 125 LBS

Skin Tone:

  • Fair


  • Crescent moon on forehead.


  • Comfortable, laid back, causal. Normally consisting of jeans, a tank top or t-shirt, hoodie(when cold) and tennis shoes, boots or flip flops.



  • Long coat, thick fur, red and white coloring.


  • 3'6


  • 72 LBS


  • Crimson

~Abilities & Weakness~

Kara started her life out with little in ways of combat skills. Through her life shes come across different scenarios that have fine-tuned her skills and made her a formitable foe for most. With her small stature comes great agility and precision, she is quick to think on her toes and doesnt often linger around, prefering to go staraight for the kill. Time has honed her hand to hand combat skills in both wolf and human form and she takes pride in being to shift between forms effortlessly within seconds during fights to throw off her opponents. As a child she was always sensitive to others, their feeling and emotions easily read like a book and often unintentionally mirrored or changed as she didnt understand the power. However once she matured and infused with the Diety Nott, those skills have blossomed to full empathic powers that allows her to read and manipulate the emotions of others. This is normally something she keeps to herself, not often using the gift as she feel the intrusion to anothers privacy is breached when she meddles with their feelings.

*When Kara does use this ability she is able to instantly understand an opponent's method of thinking and fighting and anticipating their moves. Once she understand their enemies strategy,  she is able to find their flaw and weakness and take them down with little effort.
*Kara can cause targets to feel uptight, scared, happy or relaxed: similar to Mind Control because it does influence thought process, but in a different manner, Mind Controllers are able to change people's thoughts, Emotion Manipulators are able to change the way someone perceives a thought. This versatile power may be used to make friends as a manner of Social Cloaking, or to enliven slacking allies. Potent emotions like love and loathing are more difficult to induce, but can be extremely useful. May be able to cause targets to laugh or cry uncontrollably, or may alter one's ability to feel any emotion.
*Can sense the presence of others by sensing their emotions
*Create Empathic Links, allowing linked ones to feel the emotions and conditions of each other.
*May be able to channel vast amounts of various emotions into an enemy, causing insanity or possible death due to emotional stress on the body.
*Kara can suppress or negate emotions, allowing her to cause others to ignore emotional distractions and/or feeling from affecting their thinking-processes. She  can also make others uncaring, detached, indifferent and even catatonic.

  • Create/generate/increase, absorb, shape and manipulate darkness/shadow for various effects, sizes, shapes and intensity levels.

  • Create a field of absolute impenetrable darkness that completely negates sight and may also dull or even completely negate the other senses.

  • Create Use the magic of the darkness to open a portal to another area, so long as both entrance and exit are partially covered by darkness.

  • Generate fog, making it hard to see them or anything. The user could use the fog generated to blind their foes so they can escape. They could also use it to fight, hit and runs as their foes cannot see them.

  • Able to become undetectable as long as they are in darkness or shadow.

  • Able to better operate in dark environments (especially nighttime conditions), with a circadian cycle programmed for nighttime activity, heightened senses to compensate the absence of light, and perhaps darker coloration.

  • Can see in a dark or dim environments as though it were well-lit.

  • The user can release/use darkness/shadow to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc

~Dark Beam Emission: Release beams of a darkness/shadow
~Dark Bolt Projection: Release many low powered projectiles of darkness/shadow.
~Darkness Blast: Release darkness/shadow over a specific target area.
~Darkness Infusion: Empower and energize anything touched or used (usually a weapon) with darkness/shadow.
~Formulated Darkness Blasts: Release blasts of darkness/shadow in a form of a creature or object.
~Hand Blasts: Release darkness/shadow blasts from hands.
~Omnidirectional Darkness Waves: Send out a wave of darkness/shadow in all directions.
~Omnidirectional Darkness Waves: Send out a wave of darkness/shadow in all directions.
~Darkness control: Using the darkness as a living, moving substance able to absorb objects, expand out for communication or use as extensions of her limbs.

  • Solidify or give solid-like properties to of liquid, gas, plasma or other form of non-solid mass by causing the loose molecules to come together, with the level of solidity going from loose jello to metal-like hardness or beyond.

  • Turn darkness into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence. Users who have mastered this ability can use it for almost any situation, creating anything they need.

Kara's Sword::
Kara Rae Kurokami Pbucket


  • Kara becomes drained of energy when exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time

  • Her elemental power to control darkness can be hindered or matched by light.

  • She must maintain control of her emotions at all times, letting them run too wild could cause an accidental phase into a 3rd form, one out of her control.

  • Large groups of people can distract her, becoming overwhelmed by too many emotions from people in the immedeate area.


Kara Rae Kurokami ONFd5Cd
Nott, whose name means merely "night", is Mani's herald, riding a black horse named Hrimfaxi. The dew drips off of Hrimfaxi's bit as he passes over the worlds. She is the granddaughter of Bergelmir the First Chief via his son Norfi, the famous giant architect who designed Asgard, Thrymheim, and the hall of Utgard-Loki. Her first husband (of three) was a Jotun named Nagifari, and their son was named Aud. By her second husband, Annar, a water-giant, she bore Jord, the mother of Thor. Her third husband, Delling, a red Alfar, gave her the son Daeg, who would be chosen god of the Day. Nott herself is a very old giantess, one of the oldest from before the flood, which she survived by being in the realm of the Dead at the time. It is rumored that she also had an affair with the old Vanir-god Frodi, and bore him Njord the sailor-god before leaving him with the infant boy. Nott is not known for being maternal; she tends to be a wanderer, leaving her various children to be raised by their fathers.

On the other hand, Nott is very much the wise old woman; although she is somewhat distant from most people's concerns, she can be helpful - when she chooses - for those who are searching for lost facts in the dark, especially about the past. She will casually drop a bit of her collected wisdom as she passes, like a star falling from her skirt. You may have a better chance at that if you are young and handsome and male, and you flirt with the old lady and remind her that she is beautiful and desirable - not that she needs reminding, but it's a gift she likes. Be warned, though; she make take you up on it.

Little is known as to what happened to Nótt, some say she was cast away by Oden, some say she ran from her third marriage. What is known is over 500 years ago Nótt's physical form was taken away and as a last ditch effort to save her own live, she projected her spirit to the physical realm. Nótt quickly learned that her astral body couldnt maintain without a physical shell. Nótt's astral form wandered the night, searching for someone to harbor her before coming upon a gypsy camp. She hovered, lingered and was soon detected by an old wise woman. The woman welcomed Nótt into her body, harbored her and nursed her injured spirit back to health. Nótt's spirit has been passed down to each wise woman of the gypsy clan for almost 500 years, until the last of the wise women died off, but not before passing Nótt off to the next body. She now shares the body of Kara.

NAME: Nott


AGE: Ageless-Immortal


GENDER: Female

BLOOD TYPE: AB-(host blood tyoe)

SCENT: Moonflower

RACE/ETHNICITY: Goddess/white


STATUS: Married

SEXUALITY: No Preference



CHILDREN: Aud, Jord, Daeg, Njord.



  • Tall, Lithe.


  • Black


  • Crimson


  • 5'10


  • 133 LBS

Skin Tone:

  • Fair, porcelain


  • Crescent moon on forehead.


  • Black wings

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