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orichid 'kit' winddancer

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orichid 'kit' winddancer Empty orichid 'kit' winddancer

Post by Orchid on Sat 29 Jul 2017, 02:06

Two in one? Or now one forever? A kind and gentle wolf known as Kit has gone though the change of a lifetime in her pack that may not be the land of her birth, but was without a doubt her home. From a stranger to a hunter in the pack to a beta and even an alpha when the time came to her, this once friendly wolf developed a harder look on life. However she did not lose her hope, her friendliness, her loyalty and her love for her family and friends despite the times when friend looked like foe and demons played a role in making betrayal almost a reality. Though mates found and lost, bonds built, borken, and even rebuilt again Kit has learned and grown to be no fool yet it is still common to see a smile on her face and a twinkle in her single functioning eye. Caught between one home and the home of the one within her Kit made a decision to venture to the realm of her past to fight what could only become a war. During this time she slept in the back of the once shared mind of her former self. Time passed, the war settled and the body returned to the land, but not her mind. Kit, now Light seeks to restore herself or live this new life forever. A wanderer after the howls of the pack grew softer and softer, Light feels a call back to the Kumari lands to see what fate holds in store for the one that was once two.


“Grizzled” That is the word that crosses your mind loud and clear when you see her. When still one may think of her of a pile of fur hat seems to have outlived it’s glory days. But then her form moves and another word comes to your mind... perhaps… majestic? A grizzled majesty would fit the wolf you see before you for sure. A bulky frame of white fur, with muscles that could make any sudden lunge a powerful one, ears always up,both proud and alert, one stern eye with a gaze that could stop prey in it’s tracks, and a head and tail even with the body or above it showing she will bow to none, not even time itself with a slight luster still in that old fur. The fur itself is long and thick, and while it looks soft to the touch clearly it could be better groomed. The snow white coat seems to have the capability to shine as bright as the full moon itself yet beauty is clearly not the wolf's primary concern so a bit of tussling by the wind and some dust from traveling have free reign on he beautiful fur. Although on second thought, maybe the wolf does care as there seems to be a shimmer when you look at her just right. Upon further inspection or a closer look by any creature with magic in its blood it is clear that glow is not from the bur but rather it surrounds the body of the wolf herself. It is faint, and upon looking away or blinking it seems to vanish and make one wonder if it is truly there at all. Perhaps if the wolf trust you you will learn more of the glow, and much much more of the creature herself.The creature known simply as ‘Light’.

Age: A bit younger than time
Sex :Female
Breed: Elemental Spirit
Family :Mother Nature, Father Time (parents) Lady Fire, Lord Torrent, Brother Earth, Sister Lightning, Brother Thunder, Manna, Baron Poison, and her twin, Dark
Race: (Of human form) Caucasian
Breed:. Timber Wolf
Current Group: A loner for now.
Height: She has grown a bit since her old friends have seen her last being at 5’2” at the shoulder in her wolf form and a 5’7” in her human form though she may wear heels now and again to seem a bit more intimidating.
Weight:200 lb wolf 150 human.
Length: 6’5” nose to tail.
Birth season: Unknown as seasons were not yet sorted at the time of her birth.
Alignment: Lawful Good.

Age. Her soul is a bit younger than time, although Kit’s body has been around for about 50 years now. Light’s human form does not show much hint of this age as she appears to be a woman around 35 and her wolf form looks to be a wolf into her middle years but by no means past her prime.

Scent: Almost like that of ‘energy’ itself. A feeling that makes one fur stand on end in excitement or anticipation. Though the scent is almost hard to detect as a scent itself unless one realizes the source. In the past her scent was masked by Kit’s for from time to time mixed, but now however all traces of Kit’s previous warm scent are gone.

Voice: Authoritative, strong, commanding, clear, and from time to time welcoming. When she first meets a stranger her voice is one that very clearly calls for respect but does not demand it. It is more like the wisdom of her years and her time spent in the world shows and though her voice is not as grizzled as her appearance it certainly makes her as a veteran. It is not one that would mince words even in a casual setting and it takes on a whole new demeanor when the woman is serious. When it is time to act, lead, command or just be heard the voice shows the power of the woman underneath and a strategic mind that will seek out any way to have her will done.
When she is angered the voice can be called a cry of justice, mixed in with all the fury and wild nature one would think of when they think of the word ‘wolf’. There was a reason why she chose the wolf as one of her favorite forms. What creature embodies grace, power, the wilderness and strength more than the wolf?

Personality: Regal, disciplined, just. These are a few of the words that come to mind when one meets this woman. She carries herself in an almost noble way and speaks and acts in a similar manner. To those unknown to her she is a little distant although very very kind. She is a force of nature after all, a force of life even. To her one of the most simple joys in life is just watching life happen, especially with those who have souls in perfect balance. Those creatures are few and far between these days but she still has many hope for life. Especially humans, those untapped creatures with the short lifespans who live in the world of magic and either hate it ignore it or master it. If possible she would not go out of her way to hurt a human. Demons though, those are a different matter. It is far too easy of her to judge a demon and feel the need to strike it down, but for Kit’s sake she holds back when she can.

Races she loves and hates aside she is naturally a loner, an observer and when need be an enforcer. If a soul is too much out of balance she will do all she can to try and correct it, a duty from her past usually carried out by her brother. But by no means is she judgemental, she’d rather fix a soul than destroy it. And though she would rather be a loner even she knows when it is time to act upon the world and take her place back in it, not only for Kit’s sake but for the sake of the magical world as well as it is clear to see something is just not right in the land her body once called home. For those that get to know the woman, talk to her, become associated with her, even befriend her that regal and wise front falls a little and she can talk simply as a friend. A friend who still will carry herself as proud and strong as she can as it is in her blood. However she would love to just talk, laugh and enjoy life as Kit once did, more so to see if the female can return, but also to experience having friends with the ones Kit held so dear, or maybe even get a slice of the mortal life herself.

When she truly opens up,  there is a surprisingly playful nature underneath. Sometimes she will cause a little chaos just to cause it, or put people in situations just to see how they react, more of a force than an observer. And when feeling very playful she has a weakness for puns that those clever mortals seem to crate so easily with their wit of language. With all this pomp and circumstance there is also a rashness within, as well as a nature to act quickly and a very stubborn mind that is by no means easy to say when her hot headed streak emerges. Light is indeed a long lived traveled soul and a unique mixed bag of her own desires and that to bring back the rightful owner of her body.

Appearance: A woman with pure white eyes and long blond hair. Though she has retained Kit’s ability to change the colors of her eyes based on emotions and with one who does have control of herself she can more or less pick the eye color of choice for the day. Blue, green, white and yellow are her preferred colors.  She dresses in a fine white dress most of the time but has taken up the habit to dress in more casual and modern clothes. Now in full control of the body she is more able to vary her tastes in what she wears. Her face is simply beautiful, making one think of a romanesque sculpture as if she is of some older world that still holds very true in the standards of beauty. Her regal nature is as clear in her appearance and the way he carries herself as it is her voice. Head high, her single ture eye unwavering and the makeshift eye made of energy which proudly still bears the scar from the hunter who stole it just as piercing. While it appears as a normal eye to any who have no magic in them, those who can see it clearly will see the energy dance and sparkle,sometimes even taking the form of a small Orchid. Though sometimes when she feel too bored with it she will wear an eye patch.

Weapons: A rapier, swift and simple that she can imbue with her light powers to make both steel and energy attack in a powerful combination.
A long bow she can create endless light arrows for wither with energy alone or any she buys or creates.

Powers/Abilities :Control of light which takes three forms, illumination, emotional and offencive.

Illumination: Fairly simple, use her skills to literally light the way. Can make the glow around her stronger, or can make numerous small or large orbs of light where she chooses. Can be done to simply light up a dark room or if well aimed and timed right can be used to temporarily blind or surprise a foe.

Emoitnal: The ture sterong of Light, to be able to reach out and touch someone's heart and soul and make them feel warmth. This can have many effects, cheer up someone who’s feeling down, calm down someone who is angered, help ease a stressed mind off to sleep, make one feel warmth all through their body. Can be useful both in and out of battle, to help a friend, to calm one who is upset, or to make the fight fade from a potential opponent. Strong minds or emotions too high can overcome this if they fight hard enough and keep their focus but it it is a difficult feat and at best only the very upset or seasoned fighter can fight off most of the effect but overtime if focus is lost they may feel the effects start to quicken.
As positive as they may seem there is a downside to being exposed to too much light over a long period of time. If the light is suddenly gone the person exposed can feel a strong emptiness and an uncastable urge to feel that light again. They can seek it out at all costs putting themselves or others in danger in their quest. If they stay deprived for too long they can be driven mad and no amount of light will et them right again. The effects of this can vary, they can be someone who is constantly seeing to harm others or they can cumple in on themselves and become apathetic to all around them.

Offencive: Offence can range from a simple energy blast, projectiles, weapons made of light, or a move Light likes to call Light from Below.
Light from below: An attack that Light loves to put a little flare into. A shape will appear on the ground of pure light and after a moment of charging a 3 dimensional shape will rise of up the ground damaging any within.

The types of attack are not mutually exclusive and illumination offence and emotional can be combined in various ways for various outcomes.

Limitations of Powers/Abilities: Her opposite, darkness can both take more damage from her light and do too much damage to her, the two can even cancel each other out. In the presence of extremely powerful darkness Light will want to fight a foe of at all cost and prolonged exposure to powerful darkness can drive her mad enough to want to ‘purify’ anything in her way.

History: Mother Nature and Father Time, both as old as time, created the elements to rule the world. Lady Fire spunky and wise, Lord Torrent calm and cool, Sister Wind free and wild, Brother Earth deep thinking and well rooted, Manna modest and peaceful, Baron Poison, lively and refined, Sister Lightning bubbly and jumpy, Brother Thunder, rash and blunt, and Light and Dark the twins Light is surprisingly the mischievous one, good at planning but not a deep thinker unlike her twin Dark tries to stay out of trouble a good thinking but not a good planner.

Light and Dark rule over the human aspect of the world while all else run the natural world. They bond with all who accept them, making sure though them, the world stays in balance.  The twins job was always to balance souls and keep them in balance. If any were shifted they would do what they could to either fix the soul or destroy a soul out of control. Due to the fact they are more connected to living things the twins were often born and reborn into the mortal world. Kit is Light’s most recent reincarnation.


Full Name: Orchid ‘Kit’ WindDancer
Nickname:  Kit
Age.  Though she appears as a 20 something woman and a 4 something wolf she has lived for 50 years.
Race. (Of human form) Caucasian
Breed/ species. Timber Wolf
Current Group:  None
Height: 4' in wolf form,  5’2’’ in Human 6’ in lycan.
Length: 5'
Weight:145 lb wolf   125 human  200 in lycan.
Scent: A soft gentle scent much like the wind across a field of flowers. Since becoming Alpha Kit’s scent has become more prominent.
Voice: A soft, warm welcome voice that let those who hear it know they are under no threat and have found a woman who would be interested in making a friend. Part of the reason why she is sometimes seen as weak or foolish, though behind the voice is a powerful mind who knows trust is something that is earned not simply given away.  When she is serious her voice has an edge to it like a crack of a whip breaking through the silence.  When angered her voice is empty, almost emotionless which is perhaps far more intimidating than yelling. When enraged she yells with a harness of a wild wind with the growl of a wolf out for blood.
Birth season- Late Spring
Alignment: Neutral Good
The once fun playful wolf had to become much more stern and serious when the role of Alpha was given to her.

A wolf with a coat as white as snow. Her fur is somewhat long though not even close to shaggy and is well groomed. Her frame is a small but agile and she is a wolf who can clearly run long distances without feeling the least bit tired. Her moves are usually graceful though have a light heartedness to them as if she does not plan out her every move yet controls them.  She stands in a non-threatening yet powerful way, clearly one of authority yet one who will not always throw about her rank. No matter the weight on her shoulders or storm in her mind she will do her best to look as strong on the outside as she wishes herself to be on the inside her left eye is nothing but a scar left behind by a cruel man who only saw creatures like herself as a way to obtain money. Her right eye normally has a kindness to it that is apparent to any who meet her but also a sense of authority. This eye changes colors with her moods, an ability she has had since birth. When all is calm her eye is green, when things are normal, not calm yet not truly happy her eye is blue, when she is extremely happy her eye is gold, when she is sad or scared her eye becomes white, when she is angered her eye is red but when there is only hate in her heart her eye becomes black. Though it is not a common occurrence if her eye becomes black Kit loses herself and is able to attack anything around her. This has happened only a few times and each time there was someone close to her who was able to talk her back to her true self.

With long white hair, fair skin and only her right eye Kit may look small and frail but on the inside she is every bit as strong as her wolf form is. A graceful woman who carries herself with pride and moves with an elegance, grace and beauty she is not aware she proses. Her style is simple and she often has very plain outfits though will on occasion wear something formal if the situation for it arises. Her human form often looks more serious than her wolf form and it is always apparent when she is in thought for a look of pure focus comes over her face. She is almost always thinking of something, laughing, or smiling when in this form often  and that stern look hardly ever emerges around others.

Kit also possesses a lycan form though it too is lean and graceful rather than a typical muscle bound form associated with the kind. This form isn’t used as often but can be useful when there is a need to carry large objects or do some climbing.

Kind: Loving: Gentle: Hopeful
If there is one thing Kit has always been known to do it is putting others before herself.  Be it an injured stranger or a friend in hard times Kit will go out of her way to help others no matter the cost to herself. She has a strong drive to protect others and is willing to talk to all she meets and try to befriend them but knows full well friends are not always an easy find. Though she seems open and trusting, her trust is hard to earn due to life’s lessons. To those who are friends and family she is loyal to the end and will go above and beyond for them, as far as putting her life on the line so others may be happy.
When she became an Alpha, responsibility has found its way to her and has conflicted with her true inner self. When the weight of others was on her shoulders, Kit put aside her bright personality when need be and presented herself to others as more formal, not what she is but what society deems is fit for an Alpha. Such a thing put a burden her but it was a burden she did not often show. However once she knows that she presents herself to she acts more liked her true self.
Kit is and always will be harder on herself than anyone. In hr darker times she thinks herself weak, pathetic and miserable yet cannot and will not change. These lead to very dark moments in her mind when she thinks that perhaps the ones she sees as friends would be better off with her gone from their lives, gone from the world. It’s times like this that she cannot stand alone, that she cannot hold her feelings within and  though she has been facing herself more and more she still needs others with her. Where others would see this as a weakness she sees it as strength, there is no greater power than the bonds of others if they are indeed true bonds. To those she shows kindness to, to those she befriends to her there are no greater thanks than having those friends there for her when she needs them.
When Kit is free to be her in the rare moments when she can let her responsibilities go she most likes to let loose and run. Running is one of her favorite activist next to hunting; it helps her feel as free and wild as the wind. As for hunting it makes her feel more wild, more of a wolf she is inside and strong enough to fend for herself. When making a kill she will always thank a prey item for its life as she values all life and though likes an occasion spar hates killing without reason. Conflicts and physical alterations are something she dislikes the most and she has been known to do what she can to stop a fight though she is starting to wait and let others try and resolve their conflicts if possible. In the moments she is involved in a fight, Kit will not hold back and has been known to give her all in a fight.

In a land across the seas existed the Fighter Pack, a pack of lycans who would cling to the old ways. This included being in wolf form more than human, respecting nature and all in it, and living side by side with the Elemental Spirits. These Spirits are those of both nature, water, fire, earth, air, plant, poison, thunder and lighting, and the elements of living creatures light and dark. Two of the lower members of the pack, Luna a light gray wolf with blue eyes and connections to the spirit of water, and Stone a dark black wolf with green eyes and connection to lighting decided to have pups. Lower ranks having pups was never an issue in the pack, in fact every pup was seen as something to celebrate. The two gave birth to two pups, a gray male with black markings named Ruggard and a snow white wolf named Orchid.
The two pups grew up well in the pack lands, the lands were in a forest at the base of a spiraling mountain. Though as time went on human encroached on the forest though not enough to interfere with the puppyhood of the two. As young Orchid grew she found her name to be far to formal and preferred to go by the name she knew for young foxes, ‘Kit’. In the first year of life, the two siblings followed the tradition of the pack and ascended the spiral mountain with their parents as escorts to see if they could identify the spirit who would walk beside them. It was a tradition of the pack, for the shrine at the top of this mountain could be used to summon spirits. A wolf had but one chance in their life to see the spirits all gathered and select out of the ten of them who ‘their’ spirit was for when each wolf was born one of the spirits was chosen to watch over them. If the wolf’s instincts were strong enough they would be able to identify what spirit was chosen to guide them. Both siblings were able to identify who was theirs, for Ruggard it was Thunder, for Kit it was Wind, or a spirit who would prefer to be known as ‘Sister Wind.’
Kit made a bond with Sister Wind, the spirit would be able to communicate in the mind of Kit and be there to guide her through life. Kit also gained the wisdom of the spirit and the ability to manipulate wind.  
Wind was quite fitting for Kit as she was a small but fast wolf and soon found a love for running, claiming, jumping and doing anything to feel the wind run through her fur. Kit grew up well under the guise of both the kind spirit, her parents and the occasional spar with her brother, as well as some of the other young in the pack. She and her brother soon learned that rank in the pack was determined by fighting. Her parents had more of a love of hunting than fighting much like Kit which was why they held a low rank. Kit did not mind, rank wasn’t that big of an issue in the pack but her brother was another story. Ruggard had big dreams and wanted to be a high rank someday, maybe even an Alpha. Ruggard often went as far to challenge the Alpha’s pup, Steel.  Though fighting and teaching the lives of the pups was rather peaceful and they grew to fine young adolescents. That was when they and other pups were forced to grow up.
The humans near the land got closer and closer to the heart of the territory and knew they had to clear out the wolves. They came with all they needed to claim the pack and though they never found the heart of the land and did not wipe out the pack entirely, many of the older wolves in the pack that went to face them became their prize. Feeling victorious the hunters left the pack broken and confused. That was until Steel decided it was his time to become Alpha. The young pack looked to him for hope, after all his parents were kind alphas and they wanted much the same from him. At first things ran smoothly but it was clear things were taking a change for the worse. Steel was corrupted, he saw rank as the only thing that mattered in a wolf and if they would not fight to change rank they were useless. That was too much for Ruggard, he challenged Steel before the entire pack. Steel was certainly a strong wolf but Ruggard had fought him enough times to know the young alpha’s moves and the battle was not a long one. Ruggard took over and became an Alpha who ran the pack much in the way of the former Alphas. Keeping his sister close, he gave the position of Alpha Female to Kit though made sure she had a comfortable time in the position taking on many of the duties in the pack himself.
Kit did what she could to help others when Ruggard wasn’t looking, and though she didn’t get to handle much her kindness was something that made each member glad to have her there. Time passed and Kit found a lot of time on her paws, mostly spent talking to Sister Wind or out and about walking around the mountain or forest.
One faithful day on a walk in the mountains Kit fell into an old habit, walking in thought and not putting much focus into the land around her. She found herself on some unsteady ground that gave way before her. Kit braced her for the fall but found nothing as the stones under her was brought together holding her stably.  Behind her Kit saw a lone wolf black form, a newcomer to the land who was in search of a pack. This newcomer, Lee had a hard time finding a pack due to his breed, half wolf and half fox. Though a stranger to the lands he too knew of the spirits and found the power or the earth when he was young. Kit thanked Lee and offered him a place in the pack to thank him. He gladly accepted and the two of them got to know each other rather quickly.
Time passed and like in many situations opposites attracted. The two became mates and decided to have pups. The first and only litter of the pair was a litter of four, two males and two females. Unfortunately for the pups they were born in a bad time, a very harsh winter. All of the pups fell ill within the first week and this illness took all but one. A larger gray pup with two tails, the sign of the fox in his blood. The pup was named Justin and Kit swore to protect the pup feeling responsible for the death of the others.  The young Justin was raised well, he was stronger than he realized. A kind wolf he was raised to become a very well mannered young man by his parents.
Half a year passed with things going smoothly though unknown to both Kit and Ruggard there were whispers within the pack, whispers that the way of fighting was better than equality. The whisper grew to words and the words grew to action as Steel leads all those who followed him against Ruggard. What started as a challenge and battle ended as a war. As blood was shed and live were lost Steel and Ruggard move through the field to each other. All wolves soon knew this fight was going on and gathered around to watch to see what leader would win. Among the wolves were Kit and Lee. Kit was sick of the war, of the death. She wanted to end the war at any cost and if she could save her brother as well as her former playmate. As the two males moved away from each other and Kit acted in the only way she thought of at the time, to break up the fight with her own body.
Just as they charged at each other, Kit sprang in-between the two with such swiftness that neither male had time to react. Both of the males hits head on broad side. Before they could stop themselves they tore into her leaving her badly injured and bleeding out. Both Kit's brother and old friend were shocked at what they did and stared at Kit as she struggled to stand. Lee rushed over to help her stand as the rest of the pack started on not sure what to do. Kit knew want to do, while she had the attention of all she spoke. "This war....this accursed all-out war. Look, look at what it's doing to us all of us. I won't be the first to die from it but if you realize what you are doing I may just be the last. Let me be the last...let Justin and all the pups grow in an untied pack, don't' we have enough to worry about with the humans anyway? Please...stop fighting work as one resolve all issues and be a pack." Her voice was soft but all heard it, even Justin who emerged to the field having heard his mother’s cries when she was attacked.
The pack fell silent touched by her actions and words. No matter how they felt the pack should be ran all of them knew her and liked her. Kit knew her words would leave an impact on all of them and smiled as she looked to the pack then to the forests before her. A long standing tradition of the pack was to die alone, it was a tradition that went to some of the oldest packs and it was something Kit knew it was her time to do. The pack watched as Kit stood and faced away from the pack and to the forest.
Before she left she said her farewells to the pack and her family and was given a gift from her family. It was a necklace made of brown leather with three old fangs on it; one from her brother, one from her mate and one from her son. She took the gift proudly and the bloody and battered Kit left with her head held as she as she could hold it with an acceptance of the death that awaited her. She made it to the edge of her land and collapsed on the outside of the forest with the mourning howls of her family behind her.  With a smile on her face she collapsed and prepared to die.

Luckily for her, there was a kind hearted woodsman who was traveling for a worthy hunt. The woodsman took pity on Kit, such a noble creature dying such a sad and painful death. He made up his mind to take her with him and nurse her back to health. He did so at a home on the edge of the human settlement and stitched her up. While Kit was still unconscious and the woodsman returned to his real home by taking a ship across the seas to the land the Kumari Wolf Pack called home. It was there she woke up and was surprised to find she was still alive. Grateful to the woodsman she stayed with him for a while as a hunting partner. When she felt too much like a pet and not enough like a wolf she left her friend feeling her debt was repaid.
Leaving the hunter she wandered until she found a land that smelled of wolves. It surprised her that the land was both of wolves and humans and she first stopped in a nightclub drawn in by the music. It was there she met Blaze and Zigan and learned of the Kumari Pack. She fit in with the pack well and though she had many ups and downs from life and death of friends and love and loss, all the things that come with living a full life. Just like every life it held it's surprises including the entrance Justin who found his way to her. Joy often comes from sadness and this sadness was to hear the last of the Fighter Pack has fallen and only she and Justin are left. But life goes on and that life brought with it many things in the land of Kumari, and many ranks. Kit has been loner to pack member to hunter to delta to beta to alpha female. Kit has high hopes for her rank and wants to do much better than her rank of the Fighter Pack where she didn't do any real work.Since in the lands Kit has discovered something about herself, her past life Light one of the elements her pack worshiped. Since the discovery Kit has been able to speak to Light within her own soul and let the spirit take over when they both agree upon it.
Twits and turns found their way to her mate with another that resulted in a pup and short happiness before the two mates separated and the male left the land with the pup. Friendships were forged and lost as friends would come and leave, but some would always come back and that would lead to stronger bonds.  New love would be found with a soldier of a wolf but that too would seem to fade as a new male appeared  and Kit’s heart decided to out rule her mind. Though it all Kit would do what she could to stay the happy wolf she was, hiding her sadness in the worst of times to only be seen by those that could find her in those moments. Growing stronger with them Kit learned more of herself and the pack she loves. In her own mind she will never see herself as fit enough of an Alpha for the pack, or at least has yet to, in time that may change.
As loyal as she is to her friends and pack family, another loyalty called to her, Light’s family. Light and the others were desperately needed in the other realm. The sendoff was a dangerous one and she knew it, being Light for so long, moving to the back of their shared mind meant she could lose herself complete. But to fight off dangers that could seep into the Earthen realm it was a risk she was willing to take. Though she expected to go quietly in the night, the fact her friends and family showed up for a last farewell warmed her heart more than she could say.
With dangers dealt with, Light returned to the lank Kit has called home, but it seems Kit has not quite yet caught up. She is still there somewhere in Light’s mind, but only just. For now Light will stay and see if perhaps that will change, but only time can tell.


Kit can manipulate the wind as she pleases be it a gentle gust or hurricane force winds.
She can use regular wind or change it into gusts as sharp as blades.
It is possible for her to shape the wind into forms and figures, living things to spar with or race against.
Regular winds can be manipulated to draw scents to or away from her.
From her back can emerge two large crescent shaped wings that can be used to fly.
Along with using the wind, she can talk to the Sister Wind within her mind and the two have a close bond, as close as blood sisters.
The strongest winds cannot be upheld for long and most of her attacks are stopped easily by earth or will break apart on impact of a solid object. Most attacks take focus, breaking Kit's focus can turn most attacks into a puff of air.
As with Wind Kit can control Light energy. It can be used to create objects but it mostly used for blasts or direct attacks. When not being used for an attack Light can be used to be a warm embrace around others and sooth them. Too much of this force can have a negative effect. It always has a negative effect on dark creatures, and can hurt them or cancel them out entirely as well as her own energy, or go as far as to killing them though that only occurs in weaker creatures.
Limitations to power/ability:  The more power she uses the more fatigued she becomes, and shadows, darkness and daemons can hurt her more than any other attack and if she is not careful can kill her.
Since an encounter with Blade and the shadows in the Shattered Shadows Kit has obtained some powers of darkness. Though new to her she can use it in much the same way as her light powers.  Though this energy  is not true darkness or solid shadows it can do similar damage.
Limits: Just as light can be stopped by darkness, darkness can be stopped by light.
Light and Dark combined in a new type of energy, Almighty. This attack has no elemental ties and and more like a blunt force of energy.  It is only as strong as the one who uses it.

Name:Sister Wind, known by the humans as Mother Wind
Age:A bit younger than time
Breed: Elemental Spirit
Family:Mother Nature, Father Time (parents) Lady Fire, Lord Torrent, Brother Earth, Sister Lightning, Brother Thunder, Manna, Baron Poison, Light and Dark (The Twins)

Powers/Abilities: Complete control of the wind.

Limitations of Powers/Abilities: Balance of nature/ human intervention.

History: Mother Nature and Father Time, both as old as time, created the elements to rule the world. Lady Fire spunky and wise, Lord Torrent calm and cool, Sister Wind free and wild, Brother Earth deep thinking and well rooted, Manna modest and peaceful, Baron Poison, lively and refined, Sister Lightning bubbly and jumpy, Brother Thunder, rash and blunt, and Light and Dark the twins Light is surprisingly the mischievous one, good at planning but not a deep thinker unlike her twin Dark tries to stay out of trouble a good thinking but not a good planner.

Light and Dark rule over the human aspect of the world while all else run the natural world. They bond with all who accept them, making sure though them, the world stays in balance.

Personality: Free and wild, not one for fighting but will if necessary. She loves to run wild and is usually kind and insightful but loves to be a fun prankster, especially to all she call Brother or Sister, such as Kit. Though she can reach out to her sister Light on grounds where the wind is free to run wild for the most part the two do not help each other out but can communicate. Though for the most part Sister Wind just plants worry in Light’s mind about getting Kit back.

Appearance: A woman with sand colored hair in green clothing, her weapon of choice aside from wind is a whip.


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