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Cassandra ' Cass ' Blake

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Cassandra ' Cass ' Blake

Post by Cashan on Fri 27 Sep 2013, 16:37


Name: Cassandra Blake, also known as Cassandra Death.
Nicknames: Cass.
Age: 35 years old.
Height: 5 feet 5 inches.
Species: Ancient Vampire - Descended from an original bloodline of vampires.
Reaper - gathers souls and brings them to Plague.


Luca - Her partner for five years. Deceased.
Knigh - Her best friend whom she turned rather then lose. He is the  closest thing she will ever have a brother.
Hope & Marcus - Cass's Older Twins.
Destiny - Cass's youngest daughter with Plague.
Plague - Her demonic Husband also known as Lyle. Father to Destiny.
Karne Reign - The Father of her twins and ex fiance.
The Death Family - Cass has a very conflicted view about the family but sees them as family no less. She is especially fond of the Death Sisters.
Clara- The sister of Luca, Clara is like a sister and is treated as such by Cass and the children.
Ryu- Son of Natsumi, Cass delivered him into the world and treated him like a son. This was only strengthened by his relationship with her daughter Hope.
Ketzu- Son of Knigh, Cass also delivered Ketzu and reared him up until the time of her death.


Clothing: Cardigans, jeans, tank tops are her everyday wear. She has a weak spot for dresses with flared skirts when the occasion calls for it. Most of her clothes are picked to cover the mark Plague left on the front of her shoulder.
Eyes: Her eyes are a blue/green almost teal color. When reaping her whites turn black and her irises turn red.
Body: Petite with some curves.
Face: A soft oval shaped face. Her eyes are her most dominant feature.
Hair: Long shoulder length hair. Fiery red in color. It has a gentle wave through it that frames her face. Often wears it up now.


The biggest trait that anyone could say Cass is she is very maternal. She lives for her children and those she cares about and would and has laid her life down for those she cares about. She is loyal and deeply caring which is often used against her.

But her death changed her, she is living on borrowed time and having been murdered on her wedding day and becoming a reaper to save her family, she has changed. She is not as trusting as she once was and she has a  harder external shell then before. The nativity she once had is gone and where once she would believe the best in people she no longer trusts that part of her.

She is a deeply scarred and guilt ridden soul. She does not show it for her children's sake and everything she does, she does for them and the once non violent little girl has grown up and accepted that sometimes you have to fight fire with fire especially now she has nothing to lose and a secret to keep.


Enhanced Strength - Exert super physical strength far greater than the average member of the user's species in this case Vampires.

Sunlight Immunity - As an Ancient Vampire she is biologically immune to sunlight.

Blood Fury - Blood fury is where the lack of feeding causes one to slip into a blind rage loosing control of him/herself and ultimately become a virtually unstoppable force. Alternatively it can be triggered by extreme fits of anger.

Reaping - is capable of taking the souls of others, willingly or otherwise, to the afterlife, in this case to Mayhem where souls are to be delivered to Plague.

Fear Inducement - can evoke and increase fear and horror in others causing the target’s brain to release fear-inducing chemicals.

Possession - the power to inhabit the body of a living being.


Fighting - Cass has had some training by Luca, Clara and Knigh in hand to hand combat, weaponry and martial arts. She took a particular interest in weaponry and hand to hand combat but that was mostly because of her teacher, Luca.  She has not excelled in any as she always hated physical violence.

Healing - Having studied as a Doctor as a Mortal, she has many skills that a doctor would have in a modern hospital and she had used it time and time again to help those in need.


*As a vampire silver is toxic to her.

*Her abilities consume a lot of energy.

*Blood fury makes her reckless and lose control of herself.

*Ability Loss - Because of her growing reaping abilities she has lost the ability to interact with the nature around her. Now if she tries the plants or ground beneath her simply dies.

*All mortal souls can now be freely reaped regardless of health or current state of being. Immortal souls must be dying or mortally wounded to the point of no return before she can reap them.

*Can only possess someone temporarily.

*Has to have physical contact to possess someone.

*Can only possess one body at a time.

Essence of a Mortal Life

Susan her mother, fell pregnant at a young age and was disowned when her grandmother found out. Her father never acknowledged her existence and became a local crime and drug lord in Saints City. His identity is unknown to Cassandra.
Her mother turned to alcohol and became a raging alcoholic.  Cassandra was forced to buy alcohol for her mother off dealers and criminals as her mother refused to leave their apartment.

She was often the victim of her mothers anger and abuse, her existence being blamed for her mothers disappointing circumstances. She spent her days studying to become a doctor and caring for her ungrateful mother.

Her life was changed when she happened upon a chance meeting with Nik Velancie and her eyes were opened to a world of beings she never even knew existed.


Her turning came about through a series of unfortunate or fortunate events depending on your point of view. After KnOT Death saved her from being sexual assaulted, he accompanied her home. Unfortunately her mother had built herself up into a rage while Cassandra had been away. Once she arrived home she was fatally attacked by her mother.KnOT discovered her and after brutally killing her mother, he turned her and took her under his wing bringing her away from Saints City and to Arcane.
Shortly after her turning, she had a confrontation with Coran and Nik Velancie that led to KnOT stepping in and ultimately killing his nephews. The guilt of seeing the boys die and not doing anything about it has haunted her since. But it put in motion events that couldn't of been predicted.

Unknown to Cass Nik Velancie was resurrected by his mother Rashel but Coran remained in the ground. It was when she was visiting his grave one day that a demon called Mirrorbella approached her with an offer. Corans life exchange for her soul in 10 years time. In a decision driven by guilt and a need for redemption that she agreed, not thinking of the consequences of her actions. What resulted was the Death Family divided and Knigh's death along with his turning.

A short time after, she ran into Jasmina Dhraciana, The King of the Devils. She integrated herself into Cass's life, marking her with a tattoo which also meant she could enthrall her and hiring Knigh to work for her and protect Cass. Jazmina took on Cass's debt from Mirrorbella and she was left with only two options. She could become Jazmina's consort making her his Queen and when the time comes, become a Devil or she hand over Lita, Kenshu, Rucka,

Rashel and Nik over to Jazmina for servitude under her. Incapable of sacrificing those she cared about to Jazmina, she willing signed herself over to her and married Jazmina and became a demon herself until Blaise, a witch, killed both herself and Jazmina and then brought them back in their true forms, returning Cass to her vampuric form having to deal with the consequences of her demonic actions.

She somehow wandered as far as Kalimorre in her fragile mentally and was confronted by Arashi, who seemed to want to kill her. Cass put up no resistance and Arashi did not deem her adequate enough to kill yet. Now she is under Arashi's strict guidance until Arashi's deems her worthy enough to fight and kill.

While all of this is happening Sophie Reign or Avilynn as she's now known has come back from the dead as what they believe to be is a God Slayer. On her quest to discover how to help Sophie, she discovers that although she was reborn, she is in fact in line to inherit the Throne to Pandemonium.

Troubled by what was going on in the Underworld, Jinko and Cev took is upon themselves to figure out a solution. Finding Cass at the route of the problem they aimed to remove her demonic tendencies from her, and they were successful. But an unexpected result was that her Vampirism was stripped from her leaving her as the human she once was. Her demonic self that had taken a form of it's own wasted no time in seizing the opportunity to be rid of her and attempted to kill her.

Fortunately her soul was bound to her body by runes of protection that were placed on her by Jinko, so now she left in agony begging or a death that would not come. After much pleading Ceverus finally freed her of her pain and granted her death before then having his revenge on the Demonic Cass that remained. Jinko, wanting to grant her another chance of life, decided to turn her once again despite her wishes.

She managed to find a some peace for a small amount of time where she focused on gaining control of her abilities and her blood fury. But it was short lived when the death of her once mentor and sire KnOT Death turned her world upside down. Having arrived after the fact she found Soul, a mortal she had befriended and a Karne Death, KnOT's son were the ones who took his life. Having lost all connection with him her grief was minimal and she sought no revenge for KnOT. Instead she helped the mortal Soul recover before they were attacked by an unknown assailant.

After the fact, she sought out by Sophie where after a traumatic altercation, she begrudging agreed to take over the running of the Cats Eye Cafe and given three months to try and figure out a way to stop herself from ascending to the throne of Hell without repercussions. But her situation was further complicated when she found romance with KnOT Deaths son, Karne Reign.

After a night of passion, her past came back to haunt her as Karne struggled to understand her relationship with his sister Sophie and her past with KnOT. It lead to more then one argument and it was during one of these altercations that Karne suspected that Cass maybe pregnant. In shock and fearing for her unborn children's futures, she turned to unlikely allies, The Death Family in particular Lita and Tears. Explaining her predicament to them, she and Knigh were welcomed into the home and most shockingly Lita offered to take Cass's place in Hell to protect the Death bloodline and reluctantly Cass agreed.

During her pregnancy however Karne disappeared leaving Cass to fend for herself and rid herself of the throne. It was during her attempt to pass on the throne that she fell back into hell and was confronted by Jazmina once again. Were it not for the actions of Blaise and Skamar she would been left to rot there. The situation grew more critical when she went into labor during the process and was rushed back to Death Manor by Sophia, who along with Knigh and Tears helped her give birth to her son and daughter, Marcus and Hope.

The children were not her only joy at this time as she had met a vampire called Luca previously who had expressed his feelings for her during her pregnancy. She at the time felt like she would be betraying Karne who had proposed to her but after the children's birth she felt no obligation to him any longer and instead turned her interests to Luca.

Initially all was peaceful except for Knigh's run in with the Vatican. But that all changed when Kenshu was suddenly kidnapped from Death Manor. Then days later Sophia Reign was found dead and dismembered on the front lawn and the killer vanished. Cass was overwhelmed with concern and grief and verged on the edge of insanity for days. The only thing that would cause her to rise being the cries of her children. It was during this time Karne and KnOT Death returned and reveled the true nature of an elaborate plan they had hatched together months ago. Cass's mental state was not helped any by his return but with the help of Luca, she slowly returned.

Mysteriously, Karne was then found to be human on the street. She dragged his body back to the manor and she tried to aide him as best she could but the encounter resulted in a bitter confrontation that led Cass to leave Death Manor. She moved into a hotel with Knigh and the babies and purchased a ruin of a house just outside of Arcane by the name of Rose Lodge and she, along with Luca, are currently renovating it so that they will have a place to call home of their own and she can raise her babies in peace and above all security.

Five Years Later

Personally, relative bliss has passed in the five years compared to her early years. Rose Lodge was renovated quickly and Cass, along with Marcus, Hope, Luca and Knigh, have found a haven there. Because they are located just outside of the main city limits, they have remained under the radar of the Oxen Corporation that has taken over Arcane. But that does not mean they are safe and they are constantly aware of any danger.

Another event was the arrival of what they call the Sygyzy. They mainly infested the more rural areas but Sumi, her close friend was greatly affected and suffered a great loss because of their arrival. Cass did all she could to help at time and has remained a close friend to her and her people as well as her son Ryu. A new friend however was found in Azarial when she was introduced to Cass by Knigh. Cass often enjoyed her company and is on very friendly terms with her but often thought of her like a motherly figure rather then a best friend.

In all her life has been relatively peaceful as she focused on raising her children who grew from children to teens in five years and avoiding any trouble that she would of previously got herself into in the past. That was until Ox Corp began focusing on her family. First Marcus and then Hope. Amidst all this turmoil, Karne, her ex-fiance and father of her children reappeared in her life as she approached her wedding day.

His reappearance caused disruption in everyone's life but she attempted to mend bridges but ultimately it ended in a fiery argument. That argument would be the last things she say to Karne as she was killed on wedding day by Ox Corp who were after her family. She resided in Purgatory for a short time where she was hounded by demons until KnOT Death intervened.

After that she roamed the Earth as a spirit, a ghost stuck in the veil watching her family unable to interact with them except with Karne Reign. She had hoped that her broken family would be able to mend under Karne's guidance  but that was all brought to a halt with the tragic killing of her son.

Unwilling to accept the death of her son, she fought her way into Hell where she found him and Luca. In an attempt to save the men she loved she made a bargain with her son's murderer  Plague. She agreed to become a reaper and do Plague's bidding in return for Marcus's and Luca's safe return and he  sweetened the deal by bringing her back also.

Now she is alive and living with the secret of the deal she made with Plague so that her family don't jeopardize her deal and in turn send them all back to Hell. She is living a double life and that has taken it's toll on her but she does it all for those she loves even if they don't know everything she puts herself through for them.

Part of that deal meant that she would be forced into an arranged marriage with Plague himself and then without her knowledge, she was impregnated. For their own protection she sent Hope and Marcus away for their own good. Leaving her alone with Plague who was posing as a man named Lyle.

Destiny was born and although Cass had struggled with the idea of having Plague's demonic child, once Destiny was born and in her arms, she felt the same love for her as she did her twins. As time passed Plague grew bored and left her to raise the child on her own as he went back to Mayhem.

Post Eradication

After the Eradication, Cass found herself the unlikely host to many injured and fearful Immortals. Death Manor providing much needed sanctuary to those who needed it. With Ox Corp ruling the cities with an iron fist, Cass had Death Manor charmed and now any Immortal who needs shelter are welcome through its doors.

All of her children are now under one roof along with everyone who she cares about. Although she still holds her secrets close to her heart. No one knows the truth about Destiny and as far as anyone is concerned, her marriage to Lyle is over and he is gone. But it remains in the back of her mind that he can come back at anytime. Unfortunately her attention has to be on the house and those under her roof to ensure their safety and on going survival.

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Re: Cassandra ' Cass ' Blake

Post by Cashan on Mon 23 Feb 2015, 22:42

Updated post death

How Cass looks ordinarily.

How Cass looks as a reaper/ while reaping.

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