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Rosalina Harmon W.I.P

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Rosalina Harmon W.I.P

Post by Cashan on Sat 02 Apr 2016, 01:02


Name: Elder Rosalina Harmon.
Nickname: Rosa, never Rose. Only used by close friends and family.
Age: Forty one years old. 
Species: Human - Witch Elder.
Family: Gwyneth Harmon - Daughter. Tori Harmon - Niece.
Coven: Sisters of Shadow's Secret.
Position: High Priestess with 3rd Degree ordination.


For a woman of five foot 7 inches, she has a very authoritative presence. Her magic keeps her youthful and rejuvenated so although forty, she appears younger. She has natural dark brunette with a curl through it. However, she never wears it down and so it is always kept up. Her eyes are a striking green, deep and wise that pierce through the person she sets her eyes on. Her figure hourglassed shaped from years of wearing traditional corsets and dresses.


A force to be reckoned with. That's how most people who cross Rosalina Harmon would describe. She commands respect from her circle and those around her, not taking kindly to perceived insults. 

She is strict and rigorous in her dealing with magic. She hardly ever cracks a smile and is at all times serious. Her only softness would be shown privately to her direct family members. 

She is fiercely protective of her circle and the governing of their rules. She protects those trusted in her circle and a crime against them is a crime against the whole circle. 

She does not consider herself good nor evil, light nor dark. She is simply a balance keeper stopping any one side consuming completely, leaving her loyal none and ally to both. She has a job to do and she will see it done despite obstacles stand in her way.


Only her magic and knowledge and whatever charms and/or potions may be on her person.


As a human she is vulnerable to all the things that any other human is susceptible too such as illness and death. She has no additional strength or senses only what the Magic grants her.


Charged with keeping the balance of good and evil in the world. To fix the scales when it favoured one rather then Rosalina is the ultimate judge of right and wrong and in her world, her word is law.

Ascending to elder at the tender age of twenty one after her coven was attacked, she lost both her mother who she succeeded and her husband that night. 
Left alone with a newborn baby and a broken coven. She spent the next two decades rebuilding and now had one of the respected and feared circles in the witching community. Only the most disciplined witches make it as far as to sit in the same circle as her.

But now facing the biggest challenge of her life, she has brought her her circle to Arcane in order to fix the balance that has so drastically been swung out of whack and restore balance, be it with an iron fist or with help of the locals.


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