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Gwyneth Harmon

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Gwyneth Harmon

Post by Cashan on Sat 09 Apr 2016, 19:33

Gwyneth Harmon 
Human|| Witch


Name: Gwyneth Harmon.
Nickname: Gwyn.
Age: 20 years old.
Species: Human - Witch.
Family: Rosalina Harmon - Mother and high priestess. Tori Harmon - Cousin.
Coven: Sisters of Shadows Secret.
Position: Maiden - In training to be a High Priestess.


Of average height, she has a slender build with a smaller waist. She has layered caramel blonde hair that comes down to her chest. Her eyes are a honey brown much like her mother's. Her style is more modern but comfortable choosing to wear the traditional garb when in the circle. She is generally carrying a satchel that can contain anything from a spell book to potions.


Born to a leader, Gwyn lives in her mother's large shadow trying to live up to her ideals. She has lived a structured life of magic and routine. Living a somewhat sheltered life she has only ever socialised with her own kind.

She comes across as serious as her mother but anyone who knows her closely knows she loves to sing and dance and enjoys the normal things every other twenty year old does. She is generally untrusting of non-witches but has a good heart and would defend those she loves to the death if needs be.


Potions and herbology are her main forte with healing magic.


Iron and like any human she can be killed.


Only in her mother's womb when her father and grandmother were killed so she grew up the only child of the High Priestess of her Coven. Her whole life revolved around her craft and rebuilding the circle they lost.

Her mother's heir, the weight of her mother's legacy is on her shoulders and her only friend in life is her cousin Tori. She's her only confidant and while tried to figure out how to stand on her own two feet, she follows in her other footsteps.


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