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Matthew M (WIP)

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Matthew M (WIP)

Post by Matthew M on Fri 11 Nov 2016, 13:02

Name- Matthew.

Nicknames- Matt, Mat, Matty,(Used by his sister), Hew.

Race- Vampire.

Sire- Ajax Matashina.

Age- Human age 25. Actual age unknown.
Season of birth- Winter.

-Sister, Enya.
-Matashina Sire line.

Matthew is of fare complexion his skin being an even pale tone, his hair is blonde kept above his shoulders and usually tussled up.
He is of average muscular build, being slender yet having obvious muscle tone. He stands at just over six feet in height.
He had no outstanding facial features that mark him as being anything more then human other then his slightly amber eyes.
Identifying marks include a dozen or so burn scars from close calls with his sister and a tattoo of an open flame on the inside of his palm.

Unlike his sister Matthew had no powers before being turned.

All of Matthew's powers have stemmed from his sire line, ancient blood providing him with heightened senses, stamina, strength, healing abilities and reaction times.
Other then his vampire abilities strengthening and maturing over the centuries Matthew does not have any outstanding powers.

Matthew often can come across as a Jeckll and Hyde type of character, his persona and attitude changing from person to person depending on circumstance.
He can go from being the most confident guy in the room to one of the most reserved. His temperament matching that. More often then not he will seem to be laid back yet his behaviour has been known to change instantaneously without warning. His siblings fiery ability matched only by his well known fiery temper.

Matthew is loyal without fault, especially towards those in his extended family and fiercely protective, especially when it comes to his little sister.

A troubled childhood created a rather fluid persona which can be both a blessing and a curse for Matthew, often no one including himself really understanding him yet he managed to remain a popular member of his coven and a useful one at that.

Matthew was born into an age of superstition and intolerance, his parents God fearing folk who doted upon him throughout his early years.
He had wanted for nothing, his parents providing a steady and stable home until the arrival of a sibling.
The sibling was much anticipated by him and as he had waited with unbearable excitement for a brother of sister to arrive Matthew had sought out to sneak into his parents room to see the arrival.
There he saw horrors which would shape him into the man he would later become, his eyes drinking in the terrible scene of his beloved parents actively trying to destroy a baby he already loved unconditionally.

Things were never the same. He did not have the ability to understand just why they were so afraid of the baby, nor did he want to feel the hatred they felt. He doted upon her the best he could for someone of such a young age doing his best to make sure that despite their parents she was well taken care of.

As the baby grew so did the powers and Matthew often found himself burnt by her yet his love never wavered.
Not even on the night that their home and their parents went up in smoke leaving them orphaned with nothing.

As they grew they were passed from pillar to post through out the community, never staying anywhere long before having to move or run due to his sisters powers. He did his best to provide for her and make sure she was protected.
As they matured they would often be found taking jobs within local circuses or shows where Enya would not have to hide herself.

It was there that they had met their end. An ancient vampire taking interest in Enya's abilities. He ha sought them out and pursued them, chasing them until they simply had no where else to go. He wanted Enya, to make her one of his family, her powers being an asset.
Matthew had tried to fight him off but he was overcome by the male with ease. Sure he was about to be killed and his sister taken Matthew was shocked when the vampire had bitten him.
The subsequent days are lost from his memory. Ajax had taken an interest in their bond as siblings, having a fondness for family he had taken pity and changed them both instead of just taking Enya.

For years they integrated themselves into the Matahina coven until eventually Matthew was confident his sister no longer needed his constant watch, then he took a job which saw him travelling the world as a correspondent and scout for Ajax.

Visiting as often as he could he found himself travelling far and wide for years. That was until recent times. A letter arriving from the coven master informing him that he was to return home and this time remain with his family.
Matthew M

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